HD: Secret peacekeeping police in the police riot squad of the day

Member pneumatic valve Liberia peacekeeping riot squad field

· 2016-06-15 14:53:51


at 5 pm, the sky just before dawn, security team players had to get up wash finished, because others in the washing time, they have to prepare breakfast for you. Refrigerated trucks full of smoke, cold protection squads and cooks in the selection of breakfast food.

of Libya in June 15, people.com.cn in your duty positions and fulfill their duties, I in the kitchen pot strict in demands. When all through the night on duty after a hearty breakfast in front; when after a busy day, a hot water enough for a hot shower after exhausted and comfortable...... In poor facilities, poor environment, disease ridden and war, in addition to wearing helmets and carrying bombs on patrol shuttle site, fulfill the maintenance of world peace mission, for the motherland, as for color blood surging, and in the behind the scenes, with a broom and brush hard protection for what they are unknown to the public, wonderful? And follow the author China lens to see fourth branch in Liberia peacekeeping police anti riot squad rotation security squad member day. (Li Jinliang Zheng Zhigang)