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); "the Chelsea club, have been such a piece: Zhirkov in the Standford Bridge Road, lonely and depressed, when Boas took the coach, the famous Russian midfielder will eventually be sold back to Russia, Zhirkov extremely grateful, specially sent a bottle of premium vodka to Boas.

this bottle of wine boas has not drunk, his career was removed, went to russia. Over the past two years, Boas in the Zenit St Petersburg coach, the summer before leaving.

of Boas Zhirkov gratitude in the eyes of many unbelievable, give up the Premier League environment, higher wages, more prosperous London, "to his frigid hometown", it is a prime occupation player sensible decision?

Boas in the Russian super two years, gradually understand and Zhirkov, many Russian players. They are so different that they are too difficult to integrate into the new cultural environment. />

is a popular Chinese social media piece, said England is Europe's Chinese team, I think that it is not accurate, the European Chinese team, it is russia. />

in the UK and Germany football hooligans early hunbuxiaqu, middle-class football is becoming more and more serious, has deprived the survival of football hooligans have lumpenprole characteristics. Russia, the fighting nation, is still fighting. The ball may not do well, they fight who do not fear. />

Churchill described that in the former Soviet Union classic, with the same application in Russia:: A Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma. "A riddle wrapped in a mystery?" This sentence, Churchill appears to be influenced by Russian Doll puppet inspired after a description of the students shengzao out. The mystery of life mystery, set in the possession of Austria, was felt Yunshanwuzhao mysterious, almost is the political significance of the westerners, memories of russia.

, the Russian football is not successful, the 2014 World Cup did not leave traces of what the 2012 European Cup Kerzhakov made a good start, a famous battle, but the team was falling fast. Russian captain period with Western marshal, Hiddink in 2008 of magic, but then Capello's strict discipline management, can not play the effect. The European Cup, the Russian team of only 1 people to play overseas League, more thoroughly than Russia, only all players are from the England team in the premier league.

, the Russian players can not adapt to the unfamiliar environment, is almost here. The 27 year old Arshavin came to the Premier League, the mind should be quite mature, brilliant start, lonely leave. />

football occupation structure, perhaps the Russian football has not combed logic, many of the famous team of the former Soviet Union, in the occupation of the conversion process, all fell into the hands of oligarchs, and even become the oligarchs political game and economic tool for money laundering.

of the former Soviet Union was shadowed the Russian sports club, in the former Soviet Union is a long-term political means of extension, child care, and the former Soviet Union Yaxin Ukrainian, marshal Lo Barofsky, the famous Blokhin, build a faction of European football, scientific management, fast and accurate, flying wings the attack, however, football serves politics, rather than the public.

rich public enthusiasm, and have not formed the nutritional soil for the long-term benefit of football development, Russian football is not really open, not open to the world for his open society are doubtful. Both sides in the national character, reflected in football, and perhaps passion too, maybe then.

1.6; "half the time close to the very day, half the time close to the polar night, Russia's national character of the different. In the highly political control of the organization's precision, the Russian football also appears to be strange.

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