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Income HUAWEI the whole family family members

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HUAWEI's salary is high

[a monthly salary of a family]

HUAWEI people's salary looks very high. In fact, this income is not only behind him a person's contribution, but also the whole family to pay. Even if the annual salary of more than one million people, it is only accounted for nearly 170 thousand of HUAWEI's 6% employees.

"HUAWEI" has become a hot word in the media. "HUAWEI" has become the object of Internet users and groups. Even sensitive issues such as wages and income have been desensitization sun on the internet. We are often used by all kinds of statistics, this is no exception. HUAWEI's annual revenue was also "per capita 800 thousand". This is a remarkable figure. However, my side a lot of HUAWEI people sneer smiling said, "sorry, I drag. "

in" 800 thousand "before coming out, there is another article from the real estate industry, statistics," HUAWEI's annual salary of more than 10 thousand people". On these statements, HUAWEI's official channels did not respond. HUAWEI's reaction is also very calm. Not calm is curious onlookers, who have families about Huawei and First impressions are strongest feeling: "Wow, your husband so high salary!

more extreme example, it is said that a family member with reference to this online income, to their own Mr. Zhang account, and then suspected her husband hidden in four million of the five million. The couple suspect each other, so the couple almost divorced.

I think in addition to HUAWEI's relevant personnel and financial sector, as well as department head, outside who have super power or privilege, can be said to HUAWEI's revenue in detail.

might as well let me - a HUAWEI employee's family, from the emotional case, look at HUAWEI's salary is not high.

dinner, the boy said: "Mom, how do I feel I am not my own son, (I) is like my father (the son), dad is not to work overtime travel, travel is not to work overtime, overtime is not called, is not with me. "- this is a 6 year old friend of my original post, complaining about my father's work at HUAWEI.

is a HUAWEI employee child, catch up with the father one day do not work overtime, they will happily took his father Liu Wan District, such as the "father walk". In his mother's words, "is to give a small partner to see, I also have my father's". The children of these complaints and actions, both naive and sad people. Who do not want to work time to accompany their families and children. The key is that the majority of HUAWEI's employees, seven in the morning to go out at ten o'clock in the evening into the home, meets the project point, will be in the office on the floor all night. Returning home after work has children snore, second days early in the morning, the children may not get up. Someone has to say, who let you get so high wages? Or not, don't do it at all. Oh, easy to say. Career and life is not a simple "yes" or "no" can easily choose.

this so-called high wages, including HUAWEI abandoned the time to accompany their families, to accompany the child to grow up. Because of their busy work, the other half of the family, HUAWEI family members, had to give up their original work, return to the family, to take care of their children. The child's daily life, education and counseling, which all cannot do without companionship and supervision of parents.

thirty year old Mr. C the couple were originally HUAWEI employees, a 1 year old baby. Once leave the child to look after the old man, bad worries of grandparenting and highlighted as children grow. The couple had to make a choice. So Mrs. C gave up HUAWEI's work, which means that the family to reduce the income of three hundred thousand yuan per year. From then on C Jun a person's income to support a family.

like this to give up work to return to the family of HUAWEI, the other half, not in a few. Children's growth and education can not afford to delay, high intensity of HUAWEI employees work, forcing the other side had to give up career income and career achievement.

HUAWEI family members have a few in common, one of which is "strong"". This is not only a strong psychological, but also acts on the mode of doing things. Many things at home, such as housing decoration, children's education, company, family chores, personal contacts and so on have to rely on their families to deal with their own. The other half of the work is too busy, too busy to take into account, gradually, HUAWEI family (usually refers to women) also more and more like a woman man. From pregnancy to production, the number of times the number of husband to accompany to check the number of. I was "enjoy" two times, the first time is to be present to the designated relatives of three-dimensional ultrasound". The second time is the production. Compared with her husband on long-term assignments abroad, from birth to birth her husband has been absent from the family, I have to be happy.

HUAWEI's salary seems to be very high. In fact, this income is not only behind him a person's contribution, but also the whole family to pay. this objective led HUAWEI family groups on HUAWEI's high dependence, will pay more attention to the news about HUAWEI, every face of HUAWEI, the families will follow up this. The other half of the work of the smooth or not, naturally also affects the families of the nerve. Huge 170 thousand employees composed of HUAWEI, the number of families of nature is also a lot of. HUAWEI family groups, gradually become a social phenomenon on the ability of family members take charge as chief of super self created, but its economic benefits cannot be quantified, this is a group full of irony "strong and weak" contrast. Family members are concerned about HUAWEI's performance, as well as the development of each step, but also familiar with the other half of the work, income, etc.. HUAWEI's family and HUAWEI, there is a sense of common sense of destiny with a certain degree of.

knowledge through online articles, many people also know that HUAWEI's salary is composed of three major components: basic salary, stock dividends, bonuses. The three part is the personal income of the rank, specific jobs, and the completion of the project performance to decide. The basic salary and allotment amount, each rank has a corresponding limit.

2013 graduate into HUAWEI D Jun, the entry starting salary is 8000 yuan, after deduction of five social insurance and one housing fund monthly hand around 7000 yuan, excluding rent, living expenses, the remaining half will still live. 6 months probation period, the wage adjustment for 10 thousand yuan, compared with the same entry of the undergraduate students of more than 500 yuan. And, in the Shenzhen department and HUAWEI other cities in the same salary is consistent. Wuhan's cost of living and Shenzhen can be compared to it? Obviously can not. Three years in the past, D Jun has only risen once wages. Because the level is just a starting point - level 13, temporarily unable to enjoy rights, naturally no dividends. Bonus depends on his evaluation, as well as the completion of the project. The overall D down, the annual income of about more than 20 m.. He said that this is similar to his classmates in other Internet Co's income, but the latter did not work overtime so much HUAWEI.

to three years of HUAWEI's revenue, want to buy a single room in the vicinity of 40 square meters of Shenzhen HUAWEI base, about 2 million or so. Down payment of 500 thousand, the monthly supply of close to ten thousand yuan. "Temporarily not consider buying a house. "D Jun said, a little shy look on his face.

has not yet said the price of high-quality degree room it. Shenzhen Fukuda, Nanshan two district quality degree room, the average price per square meter has exceeded 100 thousand. In an area of 100 square meters, for example, the total price close to 12 million. Down payment 5 million, loans 7 million, 20 years for close to 50 thousand. HUAWEI people pay special attention to children's education, know the economic pressure is to drive a duck onto a perch children to schools, to solve the problem, but also have to bite the bullet to buy.

in the face of high prices, high income are the clouds.

online to turn the article, only HUAWEI high level staff income, indeed dazzling. HUAWEI employees this high-level high income families called "sister". We envy, there is not much envy at all. Because, different product lines, different positions, different personal capacity, or follow different leaders, the completion of different projects, will make everyone's income is very different. In comparison, expatriate overseas relatively early, personal spell, or a good relationship with the leadership, active character of people, can get a good project, the income will be better. Even if HUAWEI's annual salary of more than one million people, it only accounts for nearly 170 thousand of the company's 6% employees.

HUAWEI in April each year to begin issuing the first year of dividends and year-end awards. Logically speaking, the tax department should meet this wave of money happily tax. Looking at her husband's hard money, after deduction of tax less a majority, and as a civil servant in the neighborhood is laughing at HUAWEI husband of overtime, as the family of us, how will not feel this society is very absurd?

from 2014 onwards, the former virtual restricted shares gradually withdraw from the incentive model of HUAWEI, and TUP (Unit Plan Time) - time unit plan, that is, cash incentive type of deferred allocation plans to replace the. Compared with the previous equity incentive mechanism, the benefits of this equity distribution is that employees do not need to pay the principal of the stock. 2015 annual HUAWEI virtual limited stock value of 6.81 yuan per share, if an employee with 10 thousand shares, according to the previous mode of operation, the staff must pay 68100 yuan to buy. The following year to enjoy the dividend. After the implementation of TUP, the staff no longer buy the stock of the principal, but the grant period of 5 years. In the first four years to get dividends, dividends and bonuses for fifth years to add value, the termination of the equity incentive. As for the number of annual dividends, as the company's annual profit. The highest dividend year is 2012, 2.98 yuan per share. Everybody was excited for a while. This year dropped to 2 yuan less than. Share price and dividend ratio, the value of the value and the heart of each account, but the tax is certain to be handed over. This is not, in April this year, a staff of the year-end bonus and stock dividend tax has been handed over to the Dongguan government rent.

years ago, HUAWEI headquarters moved to Bantian from the Nanshan, Nanshan in HUAWEI next to sell newspaper vendors selling dish, blue car license driver (illegal operation) to follow. Maybe HUAWEI, they make a living. There is a piece that they have to make friends with congenial persons HUAWEI Bantian base money. HUAWEI money, people stupid, quick to! "I don't know why, here, the old piece many years ago, I suddenly thought of.

HUAWEI pay high? All the family members, all the spectators, how do you see?

(author of the Department of Shenzhen free lance)

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