English translation of the six level in June 2016 (four)

English level six forecast

hujiangyingyu· 2016-06-15 20:37:01

six college English exam is open, do not know how the children are ready? Xiao Bian here we bring Shanghai 46 grade English Teaching for grade six translation prediction problem, predicts the nature of Yo, you can make their own!

some years ago, the song "SHE China" from now on both sides of the Changjiang River, more and more foreigners start to learn Chinese, spoken all over the world China.

Chinese heat refers to the phenomenon that more and more foreigners are learning Chinese in recent years.

. In many countries, the number of people learning Chinese is growing rapidly. According to statistics, the world has 109 countries, more than 3 thousand colleges and universities have opened Chinese language courses. A survey shows that the main purpose of their study is to travel to China, to trade, to understand China and Chinese culture. The reason behind the Chinese fever is the rapid development of China's economy, it makes China's international status and influence has been improved. Global "Chinese fever" conveys the information of the people of the world to understand Chinese culture. Key words:


Chinese language craze/fever the popularity of Chinese fever; Mandarin craze

a growing number more of; more and more

according to statistics/figures

according to the offer courses on Chinese opened the Chinese course language/Mandarin


engage in / deal with

engaged in trade activities behind the cause of activity

trade underlying reason; reason behind

international status

convey express international status deliver

Chinese language craze refers the to the phenomenon that a growing number of foreigners start to learn Chinese. The number of Chinese learners increases rapidly in many countries. According To statistics, more than 3000 institutions of higher education in are offering courses on 109 countries Chinese language. A survey indicates that they learn Chinese for the main purpose of travelling in China, engaging in trade activities and knowing China and the Chinese culture. The underlying reasons for this craze lie in the rapid development of China s economy which. "Enhances the international status and the influence of China. This global Chinese language craze conveys a message that people around the world are eager to know the Chinese culture.

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