[90] China teahouse how much gold? Decryption of China's gold big strategy

Gold strategy decryption China

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from last night Ren waiting for a taxi, to today's Wang Weijian decision as express little brother head, and then just the horse of Tang pride do charity, Shenzhen entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is affecting the whole of China, and even the whole world.

! Ren Zhengfei, Wang Wei, Ma Huateng, Shenzhen's entrepreneurial spirit, in the end is what?

  the soul of Shenzhen   source: Hong Kong stocks that something (WeChat ID:hkstocks)

we have to think, these two days, in your circle of friends, more and more about Shenzhen entrepreneurs, there are very strong. from last night's Ren queuing, taxi, to today's Wang Weijian decision as express little brother head, Ma to the just of heroic charity, Shenzhen entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, is affecting the whole of China, even the whole world.

1, airport car:

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! Whether it was night economyclass Ren Zhengfei, still crowded in the car ferry on Ren Zhengfei, since he was wise, low-key, simple for the users of praise. under his leadership Huawei. Last year, sales revenue of 390 billion yuan, net profit of 369 billion yuan, let Huawei really become the Chinese in the world the most competitive in one of the high-tech enterprises.

and for this family since its establishment in 1987, has experienced 30 years fast company, the current achievements and status, is still just beginning. On Friday, Huawei's new generation mobile phone P9 conference, to the world declared, smartphones, after people not only talk about Apple and Samsung the, our China's Huawei, there is absolutely strength for a place.

HUAWEI is not the kind of success now to seek" setting "of the company, but a new generation of giant enterprises, continued toward a higher level of the target,.

2, ! Help brother Wang Wei head:

; this morning, a SF express little brother beaten video, again maxed circle of friends.

full express little brother a no strike back, have a say sorry, uncle's response is:" I'm sorry end?! "

and has always been low-key SF (Group) company president, Wang Wei, in the circle of friends are also rapid counterattack:" this thing not to trace what, I do not deserve to do president. "

in fact this thing, itself is not a big deal, maybe just the street between the friction, only but have impulse bale. But since there are friends burst out, it has become a hot social. And when I see the SF company response and President unchastened. Responsibility for the employees of speech. I was touched.

like SF such, what the company has done so, and now develops downwind smooth, the whole company or enterprise in one, really rare.

and Wang Weizong feedback, tell them clearly and definitely not express industry is very low, very glorious tall on the industry," everyone's rights and interests, all should be protected, the president has been with you forever. to see this brother, I admire the.

3, Gehao donated stock Pony: generous

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! Just now, explosive news came again, Ma Huateng announced that it will donate one hundred million shares of Tencent stock (0700.HK) for charity Use. Will be through various charitable organizations and projects, to support the Chinese mainland based health care, education, environmental protection and other charitable projects as well as the world's leading science and technology and basic exploration.

< span style =" font size: 14px; 100% max-width:! Important; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important; "> like this picture as in Zeus appearance?

Ren Zhengfei is just a pretend, but " these friends candid photos, let your gratitude and admiration of reference!

! Yes, it This night in Hongqiao airport waiting for the rental of the elderly, is 72 years old HUAWEI founder - Ren Zhengfei.

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