With the unfinished hardcore Conan as the perfect ending.

Ending news Hayao Miyazaki sandwich

juziyule· 2016-04-19 10:58:40

what?! I heard, Conan and Yi to double Ruo end?! This time or the author Gosho Aoyama personally put out the news!

Castle Peak sang said Conan comic version will usher in a big end in the recent.

relevant staff revealed that Conan comics will be synchronized with the theater version, to promote the development of the main line speed, for the end of next month. Class= img_box "

and "weekly youth Sunday" and then released the end of the cover.

day line, even the cover design.

in the finale, Betty to find Conan is a new process will be very interesting, and Betty's outcome will be very perfect, the New Zealand party head author greatly!! One hundred rest assured! Class= img_box "

"content_img_div" and eventually there will be an important person because Conan died. < p > netizens speculation is another popular role Haibara AI, because at the end of a new (Conan) can only belong to one person, and Haibara AI die will let the works to add the tragic color.

and so on, about, not so fast, don't cry!

look, this is a false news come out and out!!! Not to mention the < Gosho Aoyama and the young Sunday ", the news is entirely on April Fool's day China fans forum in April 1st April Fool's day to produce their own anecdote.

poster is PS, Japanese news is written in their own, the plot is psycholagny!! Fake is fake!!

you! And have been cheated!!! Class=

"content_img_div" orange Jun said that the basic trust between people? I cry dizzy. < p > < p > the wolf story actually, "Conan the end this thing from a long time ago has been in sit ups, China, flipping through the pages of a Japanese website, every year have rumors about Conan is coming to an end.

last year on the spread of a version of the twitter Conan end of the trailer, known as Edokawa Conan last event.

the end of the article is called "real silver bullet" …; sounds like a model.

fans are just crying halo, the results found that it is false!

than China April Fool's day this is also powerful, the Japanese have played a trailer!

really, God! Class= img_box "

not only folk out of the master, the official also play ah.

99 years of "the end of the world of magic", a little bit Conan was exposed identity.

and the once famous "kudou Shinichi NY event", every time the new trailers in a walk, the fans to guess the end of Conan again.

and Hayao Miyazaki father since the last "wind" supervision works have passed three years, I hope Nin Lao hold ah. The end of

, only Conan, is still not in sight.

do not give up, really reluctant.

but for Conan, maybe it's a good thing to finish as soon as possible.

single said from the beginning of the 1996 TV version of the play, the more than and 800 set, to this year has been 20 years, Conan has not been the original Conan.

, you see, the writers have been busy enough to eat a ham sandwich.

ate your sandwich? Class= img_box "

TV "content_img_div" version of the serious water injection, the theater version of the quality is also getting worse.

released last year, "the industry's sunflower," only 5.7 points. Class= img_box "

look at the previous few years of the Conan theater version, each version has more than 8 points.

love and friendship and the truth, each of them has to be moved, each is a classic.

not know from what time to start, gradually are unlikely to see Conan the, Conan gradually become a kind of complex.

maybe we won't give it up because Conan has become a habit and a good memory of the past.

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