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tuwanwang· 2016-06-16 09:52:38

6 16, the designer should answer the question from the players, the answer from the players on the World of Warcraft 7 Corps in the processing of information on the issue of concern.

6 16 designers from a game player to answer questions about World of Warcraft in the game player 7 Legion piece of information concern problem.


in the courtyard Gallery magic stars after reviewing the past few weeks on the underground city test adjustment, there is no doubt that the pace of adjustment and did not reach the target. Even put aside the expectations, after the opening of the ordinary and heroic difficulty, the vast majority of players are using random underground city queue. Randomly selected from 8 underground city 1 and randomly selected from 9 or 10 inside a and will not make you feel that there is no reward. Early release their players if the designated row of underground city, but also had to face a long waiting time, because the matching number is too small. It's not as exciting as a new hero in the Burning Crusade.

but at the same time, the underground city and the regional progress of the strength of the equation on both sides of the equation is closely related. Each underground city is related to the overall story line of the whole area (especially important in the courtyard of the stars), and the regional story line provides a meaningful new content as well as a compensation for the use of common objects and artifact points.

in the next patch, corridor and the magic garden will open only halfway to Sulama epic, the main task to unlock the right point. And hopefully in the next patch, you can see that the drop list of these underground cities has added some extra incentive to increase their attractiveness after unlocking. Because the queuing mechanism, it is impossible to see their common and heroic difficulty version, this change is to clearly put these underground city in the role of the full level to unlock the content.

remember the "epic" the label represents the core of the team a copy of the play, might scare those who have not yet tried their game player, difference between heroes and heroic dungeons is the minimum recommended loading (810 and 830), and the latter is not random. An organized 5 people the old driver team, wearing a hero of the underground city of equipment, should be able to get into the epic difficulty after winning. It is the most important challenge to enter the higher epic by the key stone system.

epic + will be open until team copy open. Standard 1 epic difficulty will open. At least that's what we heard last time.

yes. Standard epic dungeon (entry, kill, pick, weekly lock) will be opened immediately. The only part that is not immediately open is the "epic +" key system, as it and other full scale growth systems, such as team copies and rating PvP seasons are parallel.

is that I have to wait to pick up the equipment together Sulama questline?

magic courtyard cloisters and the stars will quest line is optional -- they will activate the appropriate node in the story, but even if you don't finish them, you can keep the main plot. Unlock Sulama underground city as a reward to deepen the task line, instead of blocking further until the completion of their tasks.

completed a higher degree of difficulty of the epic + can obtain better assurance of things, or that have a higher chance of obtaining high grade Titan casting? (or in other words, in the current version of beta will pick up with the official uniform or just a placeholder?)

picked up the details of the growth is still under discussion, and waiting for some code support to the final processing equipment. To complete the higher level should be able to gradually increase the epic dungeons to complete the dungeon reward chest foundation item level, plus weekly award the highest award grade chest will accordingly increase.

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