Zheng Kaishai 30 years old birthday photos fans send blessings

Zheng Kai birthday party fans photo

shoujitengxunwangyule· 2016-04-19 10:59:35

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Tencent entertainment news in April 19th, Zheng Kai updated micro-blog, sun out thirty years old birthday party photos. In the photo, Zheng Kai and fans interact, and the same year on the same day to celebrate the birthday of the fans was born. Posting wrote "are just beginning to understand how to make the birthday party when I was rejected, but seeing as I in the same year, the same month, the same day you, one by one all the smiling faces, I think these are all worthy of, also wish your birthday happy! Grow up fast! "Netizens have said the cheetah is 30 years old, then, you must be more wonderful! You are happy we are happy, you are all good is my wish. "The warm heart of the elder brother, I wish you happiness forever, love you, da! "

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