Anhui a kindergarten classroom roof paint layer off 11 teachers and students suffered minor injuries

Teachers and students classroom roof fall off painting

renminwang· 2016-06-16 10:56:29


in Huaibei in June 16, (Hu Lei) Anhui channel today from the relevant departments of Huaibei City, was informed that the afternoon of June 15th, Huaibei City Xiangshan District Second Experimental Kindergarten classrooms roof paint layer occurred off, killing 10 students and 1 female teachers were slightly injured.

it is understood that in June 15th 16, Xiangshan District second small experimental kindergarten (2) classes of roof abscission layer paint, falling area of about 6.5 square meters, the thickness of about 1 cm, killing 10 students are in class, including 4 boys and 6 girls, both 4 years old, and 1 women the teachers were slightly injured. After the accident, the injured teachers and students were immediately sent to the Huaibei People's Hospital for treatment, are minor injuries to the scalp. At present, after the treatment, stay in the hospital observation, teachers and students and parents emotional stability.

after the incident, Huaibei City, Xiangshan district leadership attaches great importance to quickly rushed to the hospital to visit, and to appease, to make arrangements for treatment. 15 on the night of the incident, Huaibei city by the city's various schools at all levels of the school further notice to carry out safety hazards investigation, ensure the safety of teachers and students.

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