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Shanghai Disney park will be 16 at the end of the operation, at 12 noon officially opened. Beijing News reporter on the ticket, hotel, park projects, catering and other aspects of the sort, so you play more easily. How to buy

tickets: three days before the opening scene to stop selling day tickets can be booked online

Shanghai Disney ticket form is very simple, including the theme park tickets and tickets to "the lion king", through the official ticket direct channel and more than and 60 authorized partners to buy. According to the Shanghai

Disney's official website issued a notice, if in June 16th to 18 days of admission, only advance purchase tickets, the ticket booth will stop selling the tickets.


"pictext" align= "center" "" Shanghai Disney official website announcement.

reporter found that, as of 8 at 15 pm, the official website of Shanghai Disney and some online booking platform can buy 16 tickets. Part of the online booking platform also launched a discount ticket, but most of the time after the opening discount tickets three days.

the current official website in the sale of theme park tickets are two kinds: single day and two day ticket. Single day ticket standard ticket for 499 yuan / Zhang, children and the elderly votes for 375 yuan / zhang. Two days of the standard ticket is 950 yuan / Zhang, children and the elderly vote for 710 yuan / zhang.

: how to book the hotel garden hotel in June non availability of recommendations to avoid the peak period of two

Park Hotel: Disneyland Hotel Shanghai night price 1650 yuan, Shanghai Toy Story Hotel 850 yuan, not including service charge.

above the hotel reservation is very popular. Reporters from the hotel staff was informed, two hotels throughout June "have no vacancy, unless there is a check out", in July the guest room is not much left. She said that in August and September there are many vacant rooms, visitors are advised to avoid the peak period.

park surrounding hotel prices rose. Where to provide information on the network shows that the park surrounding the chain of Econo Hotel in Disney during the opening period than the usual basic price has doubled, some of the middle grade hotel prices have varying degrees of rise.

to the Econo Hotel chain as an example, Hanting Hotel Shanghai South Highway six superior room from 180 yuan rose to 341 yuan on weekdays. In the seven days not far from the hotel Pudong Shanghai International Park, it is the lowest 127 yuan per day up to a minimum of 294 yuan.

park have the instructions: band self bar in adults may not wear clothing

cartoon "self family note: self bar banned into the park. According to the "Shanghai Disney park visitors" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), visitors are not allowed to use the camera / phone / hand camera of the telescopic rod (such as self timer).

reporter to consult the staff of Shanghai Disney, the answer is because there are children in the park, for security considerations, the prohibition of self timer into the".

and some items are prohibited for admission, such as belt pulley play equipment, such as roller skates and belt pulley shoes, skateboard, Scooter; three large tripod, folding chair and stool etc..

Park clothing also pay attention to "notice" provisions, sixteen years (inclusive) and more tourists do not wear cartoons, movies, comic roles in clothing. Not to wear and long.

in addition, the owner of the identity card and ticket purchase documents must remember to bring. For example, Mr. Wang gave himself a family of three pre order tickets, in the park, he needs to show their identity cards, and together with all the accompanying family members of orders on the park. The

project which sought: "a fast halo" bring super speed experience

during the trial operation, what are the most popular items? Fly according to the average queue time, media coverage over the horizon, a speed of light?, Pirates of the Caribbean? Sunk treasures of the most sought after war.

flying over the horizon through the giant screen projection technology to lead visitors to the earth, in Shanghai, Disney for the first time to join the the Great Wall and Shanghai night view.

Shanghai Disney park also has the world's first "record of speed, it is one of the world's nimbus" Disney park's fastest roller coaster, popular with young people. Visitors can experience the thrill of acceleration, sinking, and diving in a dark digital environment.

"Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle sunk treasures and ultra evaluation project. Pirate ship will be in the deep sea and fierce fighting in the shuttle, and is equipped with a very realistic 4D effect.

play I save time: can receive free fast pass

during the test run, there are visitors to reflect the queuing time is too long, some popular items and even a few hours. Shanghai Disney launched the "fast pass" or to ease the problem.

Shanghai Disney, a staff member told reporters that visitors can receive free fast passes at the service department, there are attractions and visitors return to the attractions of the time, do not have to wait in line. She reminded visitors that the rapid pass only supports 7 projects, and a limited number of.

the staff said, Download Shanghai Disney app software can be updated in real time queuing time, enhance the play experience.

China future tourism experts, research vice president Liu Simin said Shanghai Tourism Branch, Disney, the unpopular scene is difficult to change in a short period of time, if it is a popular project, lined up in 1 hours is normal. He suggested that the park to take humane measures to ease, such as allowing visitors to line up to watch performances, provide cooling facilities, etc..

hungry do: can carry the original packaging, sealing and unopened food

Shanghai Disney introduced dozens of restaurants, "said China to meet the tastes of tourists, resort supply delicacies in Chinese cuisine, Asian cuisine accounted for 70%, accounting for 20%, accounting for 10% Western-style food". Visitors can also in the theme park restaurant and Disney friends to dine, and take pictures as a souvenir.

reporter in the official website failed to check the price of dishes. According to the admission of experienced users revealed that almost all of the dinner packages in the seventy or eighty yuan, selling 10 yuan a bottle of mineral water.

can bring dry? "Shanghai Disney park visitors notice" provides that the prohibition of food and alcoholic beverages into the inside, but there is the original packaging, sealed and non - food products except. Shanghai Disney staff said, visitors can bring water, but must have a lid".

in short, from the ticket to the restaurant, we still have to be prepared in advance, so as to have a better experience.

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