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in the eyes of Hebei Luneng fans. Happy Chinese super league standings ranked in the second place the essence of the" two Luneng team ", because it not only has many elements even Luneng, the play is also Shandong Luneng Taishan used the" counterattack". In this team, the leader is the former Luneng player Gao Yao, the middle player brought together the Luneng "old" three sets of older players, Dewey, Yang Cheng, Luo Senwen and young, younger, high wing, quasi Yuchen week, even the happy Chinese coach Li Tie also said: two the club is very good, have a lot of help to the Chinese team. This is not false, the two sides of the relationship between the "good" to what extent? Transfer or loan fee is originally a commercial secret, unknown, but it is not set up Luneng to avoid the terms of this, it can be known Luneng high level of generosity to what extent.


from another game the news is: for the handsome Beijing Guoan in off Luneng still very entangled after dawn, and another for a handsome Changchun Yatai is not so lucky, they and the northeast as a" living Lei Feng, again looking for "dark" tardy "dawn" the Shandong luneng!

actually like such a super early the attack has become no rules, no way, no defensive game of the" three noes "emboldened team, for whom the game, is the same process, the same result. So, it is how to become "three noes"?

to get a lot of players at a loss. According to the characteristics of Shandong Luneng players themselves, continue to accept the European style of football and the carry forward is a correct choice in the history of the Luneng team, helping the team to success is santrac and Ivan, tuba the three coaches from Eastern europe. However, in the AFC Champions League series of tragedy, let the Shandong Luneng Group executives furious, so the team managers often encounter difficulties, not from the inside to find the reasons, but the "fried coach" as santrac Ivan, tuba and homely food, is such have been "forced" to go. 2012 this season, when he was general manager Sun Guoyu took over the transfer power, after Yiwanyin AFC Champions League fiasco was forced back, advocated the introduction of Tecate. Admittedly, bold use of Tecate in the young players, which also caused some of which abandoned the old members of the team's dissatisfaction, emotional confrontation surge. While the young players for the team lineup while blowing bursts of "youth crisis", but the lack of experience and suffered a defeat, in the same league 10 several rounds in the relegation. Under such circumstances, Tecate can only be in the middle of the League reluctantly leave. This season, Luneng even for style= border: "0px 3 a coach, just in the last moment to keep the team has not been downgraded. Ten Cate failure makes the management of Luneng Group surprised not small, although the 2013 season still found a former coach antic do Luneng coach, but determined to change the management style of Brazil also just put anthich as a transition. Although the steady play made him the team won the League runner up, but before the start of the new season he did not get Luneng call again.

2014 season Luneng change the style most a complete season. After Liu Yu took office of the deputy department, from management to Luneng, team coach, and then to the introduction of foreign aid, have carried out a major surgery. Insiders are known as the most knowledgeable ball Deputy General Han Gongzheng go, his departure, which means China FA Luneng in the completely lost the right to speak; the Brazilian Cuca led his team coach admitted, but this team has often been accused of "lazy"; in the introduction of foreign aid, all non Brazil "the elements are excluded, McGovern Lowe, helpless. Assistance, Liu Yu also advocated the introduction of the Wang Dalei and Dai Lin two character, which makes those who love doing things unknown to the public local players very depressed. And some Luneng youth training players, like Guan Zhen, Yang Cheng, Luo Senwen, and so had no choice but to run away. Brazil style although good-looking, but it is not practical, with Luneng's physical condition, dance Samba is difficult, but also about what play Samba football, even the introduction of several Brazil players, with the domestic players, nor what attractions. In short, do not change the style of the team at all.

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