[ThinkPad&PB] campus line Chongqing Railway Station official video highlights - successful ending!

Campus Chongqing

Pinnacledingjianlanqiu· 2016-06-16 23:16:43


, # place to start. In the past two years, PB annual campus basketball trip will choose Chongqing as the last station to wrap up. This year is still in the Chongqing Railway Station sent out two precious free training camp provided by the ThinkPad to help young students to pursue their own basketball dream. Every time I see them through their own efforts to get these prizes, to see their smile of satisfaction, we also deeply felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Sichuan, a beautiful campus is located in Geleshan, there are many students who love basketball, usually on the Pinnacle Basketball activities have great enthusiasm and help, this is the reason we think of the last station campus here to a successful ending, thank you very much for the same enthusiasm lovely classmates!

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we put the basketball dream passed to the

"and the 7 Chongqing City College Students

" thanks to

give unlimited support of classmates and friends

"more of our basketball story < /p>

" is to continue this Saturday # kick-off battle #

  still waiting for you to fight!

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