SE iPhone sad reminder: Apple pit miserable

Apple iPhone demand disassemble

Techweb· 2016-06-17 02:37:12


iPhone released in March this year to the present, has been very embarrassed, why do you say so?

Cook on Apple's earnings report said that iPhone SE is very popular with users, sold in short supply, since the situation, seize the supply is down to business, not to mention the iPhone sales fell for the first time, 6S sales are sluggish, Apple also need to fill the gap in sales of SE. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" regret is that things are not what we want to do.

now, given by the U.S. media reported that this problem of insufficient production iPhone SE is still not resolved, which leads to a lot of users to buy the machine, but also more than two weeks of time to get the goods, like apple on the industrial chain to control strong company, such a situation is really rare. Given the

industry chain in Taiwan, said that iPhone SE can not solve the problem of insufficient capacity, because Apple focus now is not on it, because they are all concentrated for the September release of iPhone (iPhone 7 to prepare for all priority).

iPhone SE, of course, there is another function from before the dismantling of view, many of its internal parts are exactly the same with the iPhone 6S, a large number of parts so the role is to help suppliers to consume iPhone 6S backlog of inventory. IPhone since SE

's fate is so sad reminder, I do not know, next year we can not see its upgraded version of the. Class= img_box "

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