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21shijijingjibaodao· 2016-06-17 04:35:57

compared to the new three board a variety of God votes, A shares of listed companies to be a lot of business is undoubtedly a lot. However, now Lancy shares (002612.SZ) is a high-profile announcement to enter the field of cosmetic medicine.

6 16, shares Lancy announced officially holding crystal skin medical beauty chain three medical beauty brand. And before this, Lancy shares have invested in a Korean medical cosmetology institutions DMG.

data show that the acquisition of Lancy shares amounted to 327 million yuan, the subject of the transaction including Sichuan Milan bestyou medical beauty hospital 63.49% stake and Sichuan crystal skin medical beauty hospital Co. Ltd., Xi'an crystal skin medical cosmetic company 5 institutions 70% stake.

completed the acquisition, Lancy shares also took "medical beauty" theme.

A is currently the shares of listed companies, the company involved in the medical beauty concept in concept of promotion, and business exploration stage ", Guoxin Securities chief analyst Jiang Verna pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry, medical beauty industry market size of nearly billion, is expected in the next three years is expected to become a hot topic in medicine plate.

shares Lancy responsible person pointed out that the medical beauty industry began to enter a period of adjustment, increased competition, gross margin decline, is expected in the next two years, medical beauty industry will be like electricity and other industries as a form of monopolistic competition, four or five companies out of the market.

currently, Lancy shares is still in the suspension phase. The company has issued a notice, the company's non-public offering of shares to raise funds will be mainly used for baby and medical beauty two business segments, does not involve significant asset purchases.

reporter learned that, after the completion of the equity transfer, Lancy shares also plans to Sichuan Milan capital 76 million yuan, after the completion of the capital Sichuan will hold 70% stake in Milan.

chairman Shen Dongri Lancy shares said, "Future Ltd will integrate its crystal skin and medical beauty brand to achieve rapid development, and hopes to build the domestic medical beauty industry group. "The report shows that in 2015

Lancy shares, shares Lancy apparel business revenue of 1 billion 140 million yuan, other business income is only 1 million 558 thousand yuan.

acquisition will further enhance the company's other business income scale, in Milan, Sichuan, for example, the company in 2015 revenue of 153 million yuan, net profit of 7 million 314 thousand yuan.

concern is that although the medical beauty industry gross margin is higher, the new board of Lido Hua Han plastic, plastic 2015 gross margin reached 62.28% and 66.20%, but net profit remained at about 10% of total revenue.

Sichuan and Milan etc. the subject of the company promised, in 2016 the company net profit of non deduction of not less than 25 million yuan, according to the profit the industry point of view, this will require the underlying revenue this year to reach 250 million.

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