"Feng magic" we second strike: at 9 tomorrow evening watching Italy VS sweden!

Italy Sweden

titanxianfeng· 2016-06-17 10:34:27

Following the

6 < < sports pioneer > > European Cup we carnival night is coming! Tomorrow (June 17th) we will reach the five Chancheng District Feng Road two DreamWorks five floor together to admire Italy VS Sweden strong dialogue! , a public sports pioneer host will swarm out, the scene throughout the review of the Italy Cantonese passion fighting sweden! In addition, the new Jin beautiful anchor in conjunction with the scene to play the game to send prizes. Admission is not a ticket, the seat of the first order! If you read head games have not enough throat? Want to watch the dawn?! The house is not off the premises! I want to have the same Carnival we together? Tomorrow morning at 5 9:00 to second five Chancheng District Feng Road two five floor DreamWorks waiting for you ! Immediately call the Reservation Hotline 400-6060-946 the reservation! Places are very limited, first come first served!

6 16" Mstching stronghold of Europe "/>

http://www.lizhi.fm/1091884/2540118529146928134 (: big wide rest. Bear sing" max-width: 100% beyond)

http://www.lizhi.fm/1091884/2540118713830524422 (in the event review: Yaya Toure +

http://www.lizhi.fm/1091884/2540118896366635526: match preview + tonight bear version of "Qingcheng")


, together on the roof... Playing wave..!

" front magic "we hit second registration hotline: 400-6060-946

"; /strong>" confuse wave through transit hotline: 15815960000, 15815961111

" wave "hundred years to confuse the Copa America & amp; European Cup Europe will promote better hutch won two straight last night! European and American planes will share hotline: 15815960000 and 15815961111.

; sports pioneer (ttxf946)

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