Train diagram adjustment in May 15th the implementation of high-speed rail will add "the night shift"

Night train railway department running time adjustment and optimization motor car group

jingjiribao· 2016-04-19 13:28:52

in the past 10 years, China's largest railway operating map adjustment will be implemented in May 15th. "The tune diagram in recent years repeatedly in existing operation diagram on the basis of fine-tuning, but the basic framework of current plans to run the whole optimization, substantial additional passenger trains at the same time to co-ordinate the high iron and common railway to co-ordinate the various CDB distance of train, is to train structure comprehensive optimization. Huang Xin, deputy director of the operations department of China Railway corporation. What kind of change will this picture bring to our life? < p > < strong > EMU accounted for over six

< br / > "Railway Department of the transfer plan and a great deal of research, a comprehensive analysis of, and increase effective supply, organization of the national railway train diagram of comprehensive adjustment and optimization, to better meet people's travel and material flow needs." Huang Xin introduction, the national railway passenger trains will be increased to more than 300, the total will reach more than 3400 on the train. This is since 2007 the railway to implement the maximum range of train operation diagram adjustment, but also the largest incremental adjustment. < p > "in the high iron, to the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway as the backbone, the railway sector re establishment of the high-speed railway running map, a large number of additional train, train of group of motor car of the total of more than 2100 to." He said, according to the survey, the railway transfer plan will make high-speed rail capacity significantly improved, and additional morning and night EMU trains, cars accounted for ratio will reach 6%. For example, Xi'an Railway Bureau, the Nanchang Railway Bureau to open sooner or later EMU train, ptobe operation, high iron train running time coverage early in the evening, the train frequency for encryption. < p > in addition, the railway sector also arranged additional Midwest passenger train of 100, the central and western provinces and regions are additional inter regional trains. < p > < strong > facilitate small and medium urban travel

< p > additional cities the originating end to normal speed train and stop station, to improve traffic conditions in the small and medium-sized cities. Become a major highlight of the transfer map. "The breakthrough to municipalities, provincial capitals and cities as the main node normal speed train train operation mode, a large number of additional cities between the originating end to normal speed train, focus on arrangements for the third and fourth tier cities in the site," he pointed out. For example, the new line of Handan to Baoding, Chengde and other places; Hengshui to Beijing, Tianjin and Qinhuangdao city between the city of Beijing and Tianjin Intercity fast train.

in addition, the night is also to open EMU trains. That gives priority to with short distance intercity passenger transport, in to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, your wide, high-speed rail line to open the evening after nighttime the EMU train more than 100 of, for the masses to night travel convenience. < p > < strong > create "track, Tianjin, a new pattern of

< br / > the implementation of the new plan, the Beijing Railway Bureau passenger train CDB total will reach 610, a record, accounting for about national train passenger train more than 3400 of 18%. Its incremental large, wide coverage of the Beijing Railway Bureau, the most of the history, will further promote the development of Beijing, Tianjin and the service area. < p > it is understood. The major railway map, the Beijing Shanghai high iron increased to 8.5, full figure reached 108 on; Jingguang high iron increased from 7 to, full figure reached 104 on, Tianjin Qinhuangdao high-speed increase of 3. Full figure 3.25 to; Tsubo railway EMU increase of 4 on, full figure reached 26. This is High-speed Rail and Tianjin Tianjin Qinhuangdao railway high-speed rail line incremental adjustment is biggest, the most extensive coverage.

to increase the main city in Beijing, Tianjin region originating end to the long haul passenger trains, such as the new line of Tianjin West to Ji'nan West Rail train. Open loop and fast train, to enhance interoperability between Tianjin and the four corners of the world. For example, the new line of Shijiazhuang to Dezhou to Hengshui to Cangzhou to Tianjin to Tangshan to Chengde to Beijing to Baoding and Shijiazhuang to, Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing, Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing, Beijing, Tianjin and beijing.

at the same time, sooner or later to increase the high-speed rail EMU train, to further build the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and 1 hour traffic circle. The new Shijiazhuang, Dingzhou East, east of Baoding, Beijing West high iron train; Qinhuangdao, Tangshan and Cangzhou West, Texas, east of Beijing south high-speed rail train meet as early as Beijing, late return the vast number of visitors of the working life of travel demand. (Economic Daily reporter Qi Hui)

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