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Harley Davidson is the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, said it will not not to mention the chrome material and solid type V twin engine. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px;" but soon, "all electric" is a word you can not ignore when you mention the word "
for senior vice president Sean Cummings Hadley said in a recent interview with the Milwaukee business daily, within five years will launch all electric motorcycle harley.
2014, this company is one of the few" livewire "electric motorcycle prototype, on display in the 30 city tour, and for the media and consumers drive.
Haley introduced "livewire" let a person shine at the moment, just 4 seconds can make the speed suddenly rose from 0 to 60 miles per hour, the maximum speed can reach 92 miles / hour.
however, a charge of 3.5 hours, open the "power" mode of 55 miles, the distance of power "mode about 33 miles. So you may not be riding an electric motorcycle "wayward" for a ride.
but this" livewire "is not sold to the public, has never attempted to run production.
this, Haley's explanation is: "livewire" just to collect customer feedback and manufacturing, the purpose is to determine the electric motorcycle target customers, and make clear the new young customer demand for electric motorcycle is what.
as Halley CEO Matt Levatich said: "
Halley has been in the customer's leadership, step by step, the transformation of their own.
this is enough to see that the company in the exploration of how the electric motorcycle design and manufacturing process more cautious.
for the purposes of the tion, making a full electric motorcycle is not only a technical challenge, but also an emotional challenge.
for motorcycle enthusiasts, V type double cylinder engine will roar and biking brings sense of power and pleasure, is quiet "livewire" can not meet the. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
the drivers' views on Harley is a very good user feedback. But which feedback is derived from its target customers? How to improve the 5 year will be launched by the feedback of the whole electric motorcycle it? This is a question that is worth thinking about.
at present the electric car, the market is constantly expanding, Haley also aware of its importance. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px;" but for the
with the traditional internal combustion engine of the motorcycle will not be replaced.
on Harley is experience the roar of the power, if there is no large displacement remarked who will ride a Harley
Mary Ma Da _ Zhai Da
33 miles "concept of what? Riding an electric bicycle is better than riding a calf... Tmall electric motor Jingdong are mixed so much want to share, do not know how to market regulation, does not need a motorcycle license and driving license. So now is Harley following customers left behind, then lead the market to drive?
how do you see? Two can

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