Second line of the property market Crazy: 2 hours to sell 866 Suites

Property market second line hours Vanke

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second tier property market is too crazy, 2 hours 866 Suites sold out!

("CCTV financial transaction time") with first-tier cities in the purchase of the property market tightening policy, second tier city property recently rose a little more, known as the "four little dragons" in Nanjing, Xiamen, Hefei, Suzhou prices rose dramatically, rose far more than first-tier cities. Not long ago, CCTV financial reporter visited these second tier cities, where the atmosphere of the rush to experience the room.

line market fever: first Yaohao election only a minute then from the

program running approach picture appeared in a real estate Hefei Binhu District, less than 7 in the morning, the opening entry team has been ranked by nearly 150 meters. The scene of 2 thousand customers is to obtain qualified buyers, but not from the register before the customer has more than 20 thousand. Developers have to take Yaohao way from the real scene, each round out of 12 groups of customers, each customer is only a minute election time. 2 hours, all 866 sets of houses sold. And so that the phenomenon of housing in Hefei more than a real estate.

Hefei Oriental Ocean Huai ore sales offices sales: if you want to buy a house, may also not line to. Reporter: how to raise? Funding has already ended, because the house less, buy too many people. Estimated to wait until after September, only a new set up plan. Class= "img_box" id= "

Hefei Vanke light Sales Office Sales Office: Lanshan sold out.

reporter: what about the time when the opening?

Hefei Vanke era of light Sales Office Sales: in April this year opened up. Reporter: how many sets of

finally bought completely?

Hefei Vanke era of light Sales Office Sales: the last three buildings, about 400, 500 sets of 600 sets.

reporter: one month sold out so fast.

Hefei Vanke era of light Sales Office Sales: do not have a month about a week. Vanke era of light is expected to open next month.

reporter: how much is expected to open this fold?

Hefei Vanke era of light Sales Office Sales: more than 20 thousand.

coincidentally, Nanjing property market also appeared in the first line to Yaohao phenomenon, said buyers buy housing as the lottery.

reporter: now is the seven o'clock at night, where I am right now is a real estate located in Nanjing Jiangbei, this event will be an opening in the evening. As you can see, now behind me put up a big canopy, the canopy is for the purchase of a wait. Then I looked at the waiting area now is my eye All seats are occupied., there are about four or five people. It is understood that this event will launch today about 250 sets of housing, the intention of the customer has reached six hundred groups. Class= img_box "

Nanjing property buyers: luck, like winning the same.

Nanjing property buyers: in fact, with the lottery almost, in front of the homework has been done, what kind of floor to buy what kind of apartment size has been set.

Nanjing buyers: basically, it is hard to find a room. Queuing Yao can be said to be the basic normal, but also can not be sure to shake up, can not be sure to buy.

in order to avoid crowded, developers set up a series of hurdles to enter a building by the provisions of the waiting area, the two floor of the housing area a number only two people. The reporter finally entered the first floor of the waiting area, there has been a lot of numbers by the buyers, the reporter saw their arms are close to the plate, concentrated in the station office.

in order to prove the financial strength and customer purchase intention, Nanjing real estate generally verification of customers, only check the information, customers are eligible to participate in the lottery and buy.

Nanjing, a sales office sales staff: a bank appointed a transfer machine and card at the scene of the program, as long as the customer with his ID card, he guaranteed a savings card there are 500 thousand cash, we open a field card that he will have the money to our designated bank account but, this money is still in the name of the customer, after this program, we will give customers a VIP card to confirm the identity, he must determine on the purchase contract after the deposit to confirm his name, after the contract has the names of several people, so later when the purchase, there is a card on the card, the number is late Yaohao credentials.

in Xiamen, a number of high-end villas have emerged in line to buy the phenomenon.

Chen Yuanping Xiamen Longhu real estate brand customer responsible person: many customers belong to the customer, he felt that to buy a villa should be quite easy, but we found this place, he had to wait three hours to get to a funding opportunity, appointment opportunities, so it is a very hot plate high. The

line of the city housing prices led investors to follow suit optimistic

CD, skyrocketing housing prices, the land was plundered by … … first-tier cities property market "high fever" gradually retreat, second tier city is "dry up". With the panic buying prices is not a small increase, then look at Shen Dawei

in Hefei opened a nearly 800 square meters of the hotel, he gets up at four or five every day to buy food, have been busy at eleven p.m.. He admitted that these years getting earn more money to open the hotel. 2006, old Shen bought a house in Shanghai, 6 years after the sale of several hundred thousand dollars to earn a good. Back from Shanghai last year to open a restaurant in Hefei, and in the Hefei Lake District to buy a house. See prices continue to rise, he was a little regret that it should be more loans to buy a set of.

Shen Hui Hefei Hui floor hotel manager: Hefei is 13 years to buy, 13 years in August to buy. Reporter: how much is the price? The price at Liuqianduoyi point. Reporter: now? Now seems to be about fifteen thousand. More than doubled.

Zhou Jing of Nanjing also deeply feel the rise in house prices, he is an editor, a Nanjing media since 2015, Nanjing prices started to rise, after climbing for a time, housing has become a "popular" investment. Itself is media workers Zhou Jing, decided by the hands of the money investment partnership with a friend to a suite, at present their investment per square meter of real estate has risen by nearly 8000 yuan.

Nanjing buyers Zhou Jing: we have everyone's not a lot of money and second more important point, the first mortgage he is qualified, then directly given our house investment income.

Zhang Hao reporter: Xiamen, the sea and the beach is very beautiful, sea view room by many people love to buy a house. This district close to the beach, the island is located in Xiamen Tongan District in Central East sea. In February this year, we came here to interview, the price is 20 thousand and 3 per square meter, and now the price is 30 thousand. Less than 3 months time, prices rose 7 thousand dollars. At present, the residential housing prices also rose, is ranked first in the Xiamen island area.

reporter: you look at the side of the house for a long time.

Xiamen home buyers: I have seen at least five or six months.

reporter: five or six months ago, the price of how much money.

Xiamen buyers: Island five or six months ago should be around twenty thousand.

Xiamen: property buyers should now be Sanwanyier.

Xiamen buyers: at that time did not seize the opportunity, but now you do not buy, may have two years the price rose to fifty thousand, now your teeth bite or buy.

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