Shandong 1 off-road vehicles driving in the explosion 1 dead 1 injured police: criminal cases

Driving police criminal cases Qilu network people's livelihood through train

dazhongwang· 2016-06-17 18:53:49


Changle a TOYOTA off-road driving Street explosion, one person died

according to the "people's livelihood train" reported, four pm yesterday, the left and right, a loud noise frightened Weifang Changle Tang a surname visiting the markets of residents, residents are in front of the mess was shocked, nearby witnesses said the car was driving on the way of explosion, the car is only a female driver has been the fire brigade rescued and sent to hospital.

car how to open an explosion of the scene from the video, in a few meters around the place, the car debris everywhere, almost every part of the collapse of the.

car in the end is how deep fried these questions are still waiting for the answer......

Qilu network reporter from the Changle Public Security Bureau official WeChat was informed that in June 15, 2016 14 PM, in Changle County Tang a surname Zhen Bei Cun Cai Shi Jie, a car traveling halfway TOYOTA SUV suddenly exploded out of control. Two people were rescued by the public security organs rushed to the hospital, where one person died. Police have identified as a criminal case with full detection. Follow up the latest progress, Qilu network reporter will follow up reports. (Qilu network reporter Zheng Pengfei, people's livelihood through the car reported)

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