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28 year old Wang Yikong (a pseudonym) is Henan people, 20 years old when he came to Songshan Junji in practice, it has been 8 years. In the mountains, he did not contact with the outside world, in addition to food and sleep, is the training, meditation, reading and so on, lived a poor poor, isolated life. The | Liu Kebai figure | Liu Kebai song Limin secular life Songshan Junji peak elevation of 1491 meters, there are more than 4 thousand steps. Walk along a winding mountain, climb low steps, the laomu cave, the palace and other attractions to reach the summit. The King Air hermit cave, a Junji peak southeast, about ten minutes away. This is a very hidden cave, there are cliff above, there are large tracts of forest in front of the shelter, visitors are difficult to find. (from: Yu Ji) class=

king of the birth of the countryside, the family conditions in general. Finished primary school, junior high school, 18 years old, he participated in the college entrance examination. Because the normal learning is not how hard, the results came out, the college line is not over. Rural children do not take an examination of the University, only one way out. As the poet Zheng Xiaoqiong described, "I saw the girls in the workshop become a part of the assembly line and become part of the assembly line". The defeat of the king of the college entrance examination, followed by the village people, into a welding factory in Shenzhen. Said it is a factory, in fact, is a small processing workshop of only a dozen people. Get up at 6 in the morning and get up at 10 in the evening. More than ten hours a day overload work, so that the king was extremely tired, often sick. 3 months later, he changed to a tire factory, work time, although not long before, but very hard. After that, he has changed a number of factories. Thin and weak, he always can not handle the high load of physical work. (Note: from Henan)

"a rubber factory in Dongguan, a worker was mortar poured into the body, he rolled on the ground, crying for help, after the side of the people, more than half of his body at a loss what to do. Burned out. "Memories of the factory life, the king of the face of fear. Among the workers he could endure more intrigue. One time, a very good relationship with the workers, told him that he had deliberately damaged the gear on CNC machine tools. So he was sent off for half a month's salary. Actually, that's not what he did. Something like this happened several times. He was a bit tired of this worldly life. "Among people and too much of the plot, as do the priests, away from the hubbub, return to nature. "Seclusion cave" Taoism "put forward, and keep a zuowang quietism based" practice, I admire, the pursuit of "ever-young, healing and immortality" purpose, I am longing for. Said the king. "From an early age, there was a strong curiosity about the Taoist priests. Up the mountain, as if it were meant to be. "In the autumn of 2008, he had to work to save thousands of dollars, first to the Mount Emei in Sichuan, and to the end of nanshan. In the winter of the same year, he came to Songshan, and decided to live in seclusion for a long time. (from: Yu Ji) class=

this cave entrance hole 1 meters wide, about 1.5 meters high. Into the hole, a damp breath blowing. Inside the dark, if not clear, almost no light. The room has more than and 10 square meters, the wall is sometimes drops down. In addition to a statue, is a piece of wood, wood bedding and old, this is the king of the bed. Living in a cave, eating is a big deal. A king does not eat meat, do not eat cooking. His three meals a day is very simple, Rice porridge, noodles, wild herbs. The first two years of the mountain, almost every period of time will be down the mountain to buy some rice, noodles, etc.. After that, he had no money, all rely on the support of friends. (Note: from Henan)

2014 in the winter snow in Songshan area, a weekend stop. "Snow a few days ago, has not eat fast, snow starved, I drew some grass into the pot, and then add some salt, cooking and eating, so fill the stomach and a lot of times, and habits, also eat leaves, bark. "The king is empty. (Note: from Henan)

in the hill for a long time, Wang Yikong, white atractylodes rhizome, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Platycodon, aster, spica Prunellae, 37 dozens of herbs, and understand their efficacy. Usually, he will suffer some of the beneficial to the body when the tea drink. So, he rarely gets sick, even if he is ill, he will be able to. Wear, Wang air do not pay attention to, in addition to the only remaining uniforms, clothes are sent by others, he could think about was how to repair the deep daoist. 5 in the morning to practice a few sound, the sound of a bird, youyuanerjin, pierced the quiet night on the mountain. At this point, Wang has been up, and began a day of meditation. Not far from the cave, km high cliff, he sat cross legged, eyes closed, hands flat on the lap, folded or placed on the chest. Let the mountain wind, or visitors to the noise from his ear through him, such as static sealing. (Note: from Henan)

Wang said, sit in Taoism, and is a entry. The key is static heart words, meditation is the entry of the key, if the heart is not quiet, all practice, impossible. So, sit in meditation. To be silent and let go, no memories of past events, before things don't care. From the beginning of the meditation center students thoughts, now, he also can do the real thing. Such practice is his daily required course, once a day for at least 3 hours, every day. (Note: from Henan)

in the end, began to practice. A piece of land on the mountain, he squatted a horse, clenched fist regularly dispatched, mouth shouting, moves seem unprofessional, but very weak. In the mountains, no matter where you go, his legs always tie sandbags. Long exercise, so that he is different from the ordinary people. From the Shongyang trail to Junji peak, the normal speed of at least 3 hours, and 1 hours a king can arrive. In the mountains, with steep slopes or narrow road, he rulvpingdi. (from) class=

PM to the evening, to the time of the study road. "Moral" is a king of empty pillow book, as China Taoist school existing for the mountains, he was deeply in love with. Sometimes he sat outside the cave, sometimes he took advantage of the emitted light, voice. Every time he read a paragraph, he will put down the book deeply understand the secret. "A lot of things does not look as you want, everything involves its own negation, but ordinary people are not that which. "Reading" the moral classics "made me realize this. (Note: from Henan)

Wang said, the whole book is only more than 5 thousand words, he has read dozens of times, but still can not fully grasp. One of the mysteries, the need to use the energy of life to understand, perhaps only to realize. He believes that if you work hard, you will achieve a certain success. During the 8 years, the King spent almost every day of the year. Taoist Holy Land in Taoism, Songshan is not as famous as Wudang Mountains, Mount Sanqingshan. But there is one of the territory of the holy land of Taoism, "sixth Taoist fairyland". The total construction area of more than 100 thousand square meters, is one of existing large-scale, more complete preservation of ancient buildings. Four Yue Temple in the mountains in Diantai become an independent school "five, permeated with the coexistence of five for all religious ideas. (Note: from Henan)

in the territory of Songshan Chongfu house (formerly built in the first year of Taiyi view), emperor yuan, which has two thousand years of history, is a famous ancient Daoist alchemist living missionary institute. Wei Kou Qianzhi, Tang Liu Daohe, Dong Daoshen of the Song Dynasty, the Jin Dynasty Qiu Changchun are on the court hall Chongfu field. Now, in Songshan, a religious person, unlike Zhongnanshan, like Wang Wushan, tourists walking in the mountains, from time to time will meet a Taoist priest. But this does not deny that the origin of Taoist culture in Songshan. Before the king of photographers out religious photos on the Internet, netizens message: "this poor practice persist for many years, I admire the long path, regardless of the future he can achievement of their own ideals, or is still the last return of red dust, and adhere to the dedication of the experience is unforgettable. "(from: Yu Ji) class=

", Wang is more willing to do practical things, to help others. Snowy day, he took the initiative to clear the snow on the road. Mountain landslides or damaged places, he took the initiative to repair. All this, he rarely mentioned with people. Last May, torrential rains, he was on the hill on a tour pal accidentally fell into the ten meters deep cliff, leg fracture, 9 people did not dare to go to save a. The king, with his bare hands, climbed down the cliff to the edge of the cliff, and risked his life to save the man. (Note: from Henan)

later, it has become his friends tour pal, will from time to time he sent to the living materials. Help more people, his friends began to get up, began to no longer worry about eating. He can practice one's heart. He has a cell phone, just look at the time, not contact with the outside world, he did not want to be outside the world to bother, he just want to be a hermit. (from: Yu Ji)

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