The 20 year service? Colonel to army fan letter

14th Colonel air force F22

gaofengjunshiguancha· 2016-06-18 00:36:19

In the first 20

f No. 2101 yellow machine after exposure, the domestic and foreign military media almost unanimous judgment, Chinese's first fourth generation fighter to enter the 20 period amount. But because of the existing aviation industry gap and f 20 development period is not long two factors, some military observers believe that the 20 f production to determine a bit too optimistic. In their view, the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter production service will not be earlier than the Russian four generation fighter T50. But Chinese f 20 is still subject to Russia to provide the engine schedule.

is more conservative estimates that the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter will carry out small batch production equipment to finalize the design, and the air force flight test base to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the overall numbers did not exceed 12. In addition to domestic equipment 15 turbofan engine fighters 20 and a lot of work to do. If the air force on the premise of China production annihilates 20 to truth is necessary equipment in the engine, so the real quality of 20 fighters will certainly delay period. Internet forums have a high degree of recognition of this view.

but two recent news is like a heavy bomb, is a Yellow No. 2102 spray machine pictures, J-20 stealth fighter but Chinese military exercises in the television media video news. So that the world media reported China J-20 stealth fighter has started mass air force troops, but this speculation is then Chinese military rumor, said message is not clear, but the 20 will be in the near future Chinese air force equipment. And the army fans most confused is the "not far from the future," the five words, in the end how far ah? Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" in fact this problem is the world's other military powers are concerned about. There is no doubt that from the beginning of the 21 (two yellow machine coating production practices China fighter) judgment, f 20 is most likely after the US F22/35 fighter, the world's third mass-produced service of the fourth generation fighter. And China will become the second independent research and development of the fourth generation fighter aircraft after the United States. Other equipment experts pointed out that the F - 20 overall design level is better than the Russian T50 stealth fighter.

and before the news continued wildly beating gongs and drums 8 F 20 verification flight No. 2101 in different stages, yellow machine appeared after the news aboutannihilates 20 less. In addition to the military's rumor, in many heart and hanging up. But recently China media international military test pilot, f -10 chief test pilot Colonel Xu Yongling, the expert judgment will give fans a reassurance. Xu Yongling for the R & D equipment before judgment of various types are quite accurate, but this time he judge 20 fighters over frame back to the initial production (I think may be a group of four 96 aircraft, plus 8 aircraft demonstrator).

and more importantly he also stressed that the 20 fighters will officially join the air force in 2017 Chinese. At the same time, he also denied the Chinese fighter heart disease. There is no doubt that if the 20 can really judge if he fails to serve, it brings, it is certainly not just a successful surprise four generation fighter, 15 turbofan aero engine successfully shows the turning achievement Chinese historic military aviation industry.

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