People's Liberation Army surveying and mapping team into an uninhabited area into a savage was when the spy

No man's land savage spy the people's Liberation Army

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data figure: measurement of Youyi

original title: mapping team of PLA Chuang unmanned area as a "savage" was closed when the spy (Figure) Lanzhou 15 June Xinhua: Wang Mingxiao: do not forget the oath, Fan Yongqiang

painted mountains Wang Dongming and Wang Jianying

as a veteran of Surveying and mapping, surveying and mapping information center of a Western army at the age of 52, senior engineer Wang Ming Xiao go high, far away, very hard, very glorious

30 years, he over more than and 200 elevation of 4000 meters above the mountain, across more than 1000 rivers, walking distance is equivalent to around the earth 12 times half, completed the survey, boundary topographic mapping, Western theater series of exercises, counter-terrorism, disaster relief, Tibet Railway, Nu River hydropower station, Jiuquan, the Three Gorges on the land, such as more than 30 national and military major surveying and mapping tasks, 7 scientific research to fill the gaps in the domestic surveying and mapping.

do not forget the beginning of the heart, always have to. Wang Mingxiao said, along the way, supporting him to stick to it, it is when the heart surging to join the party oath that shares the solemn and sacred power.

for the party is willing to "New Zealand"

Wang Mingxiao was born in a remote village in Gulang County of Gansu Province, there was a Red Army West army fought off place. In primary school, every year he was striving to learn advanced individual "Lei Feng; junior high school started school, he first submitted the application, the glory has become a league member.

in memory of Wang Mingxiao, the hometown of poverty and backwardness, but the party has deep feelings, "now, older people often say, can be satisfied, the state gave money, which in the old society could not think of … …"

"college entrance examination, I see the aerial photogrammetry mapping Department of the PLA school. "I recall the past, Wang Mingxiao smiled," I especially want to join the army, I think two is called "air", is to be able to fly every day flying in the sky. "

year, Wang Mingxiao to high out of the Tsinghua University admission scores of 20 points, into the PLA surveying and mapping institute. However, Gansu's top students, in the entire class, the level can only be in the middle of the lower.

so Wang Mingxiao every day for nearly two hours ahead of time to get up, work, learning, graduated 4 courses scores ranked first in the class, the third was the excellent League member.

after entering the University, Wang Mingxiao more chance to accept the system of political theory education, the party's yearning for more and more strong. In Wang Mingxiao's memory, "our political teacher, the party's deep feelings, the class to the emotion, really crying. "

senior next semester, Wang Mingxiao's application to join the party has finally been approved. On that day, 8 students Wang Mingxiao and joined the station earlier in the conference room of the party, who gave the oath oath to follow shout loudly.

back to the dormitory, has always been known for science and technology Wang Mingxiao in the diary to write down 4 lines: seven feet of the body both party, on what. Snow ice climbing down where fear, only wish the motherland strong nagafu.

turned to the "graduation season", "Surveying and mapping units are generally better in the city, such as the location of the military organs, and then Dalian these places. "Wang Mingxiao said," but this inside, then 'New Zealand', that is, Gansu (Lanzhou), Tibet, Xinjiang, is the worst of the 'top three'. "

in 1987, many graduates from school to teach, research institutions around the opportunities, while Wang Mingxiao firmly chose to return to the Lanzhou military region, since in the party's oath, should be offered to the most difficult place to go. "Class=

Wang Mingxiao

" is the time to honor the party's commitment to the! "

go to work after second years, Wang Mingxiao performed our first test including the altitude task, was ordered to enter Xinjiang Aletai mountains of Surveying and mapping work.

before this, people enter this area of the many attempts, all failed in the end. That this task, Wang Mingxiao unit where all the people in the struggle, the unit is certainly to the most competent departments, the most competent departments to the most competent group, the most competent group from the most competent person in the election party. "

" is the identity of the party members made me! Wang Mingxiao said.

when the mapping team went to the seventh day supplies did not, 9 horses also killed 2 horses, and the wizard again is not willing to go forward.

in the face of evil no one area, is to go back? In the evening held a party group meeting, Wang Mingxiao first stood up, "the bear is back! It's time to cash in on the party's promise! "

after 14 days, they rely on food in the forest of wild fruit, wild herbs, uppers and soles disengaged, mended &hellip wire; … when they come out of the mountains, the savage shabby in dress," ", is also wary of the border as a spy shut up.

but Wang Mingxiao and his comrades have successfully completed the mission. They have rewritten the elevation of the former Soviet Union in 50s to provide a strong support for China's sovereignty in the diplomatic negotiations.

2008 years, Wang Mingxiao depth mapping task of the Nu River basin. The original forest, Wang Mingxiao several times almost fell into the cliff. He points to hundreds of Surveying and mapping of perseverance traveled area, no map, no control area, completed more than 1 thousand map data acquisition work. On this basis, the completion of a subject, won the 2008 annual military science and technology progress award.

every time before the implementation of the mapping task, Wang Mingxiao will give each comrade to buy 2 copies of insurance, because he has experienced the test of life and death too much, Kara

of the Kashi River Kunlun Mountains hinterland, the car in the beach, get off to push, serious altipano response to let him eyes black, a head fall in the mud

; northern Tibetan Plateau, Jiang Da Xiang, on the hillside suddenly rolled gravel, he narrowly smashed down the cliff;

Mongolian border temple, let Gobi sun surface temperature up to more than and 60 degrees Celsius, they lost the direction, navigation equipment failure, car tire was drying explosion … …

some people advised for Wang Mingxiao relax point position, because he can have too many choices, but he said: "since the party's oath, to stick to the end. "

data figure: Qinghai Tibet Railway Measurement

peak more than

2003 years, endless innovation in October, China decided to build digital railway - Qinghai Tibet Railway plateau. In accordance with the requirements of the design, the dynamic surveying and mapping of the railway must be less than 1 meters, and the highest absolute accuracy error is far greater than this value.

if the western developed countries, mapping, not only costs as high as 500 million yuan, the Tibetan Plateau geographical information will be leaked. In the end, according to the superior arrangement, Wang Mingxiao led by 15 members of the surveying and mapping unit commitment to this task.

carrying oxygen bottles, wrapped in a fur coat, after hundreds of tests, Wang Mingxiao developed a thermal satellite mapping rail car safe, realizes the real-time dynamic measurement of the Qinghai Tibet Railway longitude, latitude and altitude, the measurement accuracy of absolute error of only 0.3 meters, the relative error is only 5 cm.

they only 150 days to complete the task of Surveying and mapping, solved more than and 50 technical problems, innovation of the 12 operation methods, developed more than and 10 sets of application software, completed 518 thousand sets of 3D coordinates, 110 thousand groups of key point data for accurate determination of the created 5 first in the history of Chinese surveying and mapping.

the opening of the Qinghai Tibet Railway one year later, Wang Mingxiao created the use of RTG+RTK differential technology to improve the accuracy of real-time dynamic measurement technology, is applied to the construction of digital railway in Western countries.

in Wang Mingxiao nearly 30 years of Surveying and mapping career, innovation, is the eternal theme.

that year, our army a new type of guidance weapon equipment development period, hit the accuracy of the urgent need to break the "bottleneck" problem. Wang Mingxiao stepped in, after more than and 150 days of research and exploration, he finally for this new type of guided weapons mounted on the eyes "". The authority of this type of weapon to carry out different distances, different environments, different weather conditions of the test, the knot all hit the target, the accuracy of 100%.

in recent years, Wang Mingxiao has 2 times won two, 6 results of the International Invention Award, 2 won the National Invention Award, 5 achievements by the military science and technology progress award, 10 results of national invention patents, 36 achievements in the promotion and application of troops. Won the seventh national invention entrepreneurship Award ", was awarded the" national outstanding scientific and technological workers "and" the army's first science and technology leader "and" outstanding young expert "honorary title, the team won the fourth session of the ten" military science and technology innovation group award".

has never forgotten but Wang Mingxiao achieve success and win recognition, why you start. He said, "since the party's oath, will go on to farther and higher. "

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