Chinese warned on the East China Sea off the South China Sea or something

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huanqiuwang· 2016-06-18 00:37:30

original title: Japanese media: Chinese warned Japan don't intervene in the South China Sea East China Sea will be changed or

[global network reported on June 16th military Global Times in Japan, South Korea correspondent Li Zhen Wang Wei Global Times reporter Guo Yuandan Zhen Xiang] the East China Sea within a week there are two "accident", what is Chinese intention? Kyodo news agency said the Japanese government has stepped up its analysis of China's intentions and purposes. The Japanese side also focus on Chinese warships sailing in recent two times in India, Russia and third countries such as warships are "interactive" this point. A senior Japanese Foreign Ministry said, "this is probably trying to make in Japanese waters voyage took advantage of the fact that the foreign warships". Kyodo news agency also said that China's defense ministry statement is the use of the 15 countries in the South China Sea on the South China Sea issue of freedom of navigation to be anti system.

15 incident further issued a signal that the East China Sea will heat up this summer, so as to attract the attention of the South China sea. "Japan's foreign scholars" to further link the East China Sea and the South China sea. The website article said that Japan significantly increased the involvement of Southeast Asian affairs, especially the involvement of the South China Sea dispute. Japan's prime minister and defense minister repeatedly expressed concern about China's actions in the South China sea. Japan also to strengthen security and defense cooperation with Philippines, the Japanese warships to visit Subic Bay, and provides aircraft and military equipment to the Philippines according to the agreement. China had the only response is verbal criticism, saying that Japan is not the South China Sea, but deliberately create tensions. "The action of the Chinese warship seems to be a signal to Japan, warned Japan not to intervene in the South China Sea, otherwise the East China Sea is not the situation that Japan took it for granted. "

China ships sail in Diaoyu Island last week after the contiguous zone, also known as the" New York Times "in the South China Sea, Japan supported the Obama administration, jointly oppose China island and military facilities," China action appears to be dedicated to signal".

"whether there is no contact, what is the intention, China's actions show that China has the ability to respond to Japan's provocation. "A Chinese analysts told the" Global Times "reporter said, Japan is good at calculation, in the South China Sea and other issues continue to provoke. Japan not so smug, if necessary, at any time can be China to Japan to pick things against Japan, but should be carefully stir up enmity worstenemy.

news agency said the evening of 15, according to Japan's eleventh Regional Coast Guard headquarters news, 3 ships Chinese police boat in the afternoon of 15 after 2 have been entering the Diaoyu Islands waters 12 nautical miles, about 1.5 hours of sailing back to the contiguous zone. Reported that this is the sixteenth time this year, China's official ship into the Diaoyu Islands territorial waters".

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