Creative picture international onslaught: let the mind unbounded, the influence of return hatch

Picture creativity influence

hulianwangzhoukan· 2016-06-18 03:45:26

1963, Kodak began selling Instamatic series portable cameras, half a century later, a source on the Instamatic picture named Instagram social software success, suggesting that the visual network is about to break boundaries, become an important carrier of global business and connection social life. As in the past period of time, mobile technology in the field of music video media, a stream like Katrina, visual images also ushered in a new situation. As the domestic creative picture to provide panoramic technology platform in Cannes International Creative Festival, announced a strategic upgrade, but also to express the confidence and courage of China's creative field to international standards.

multi language version closer to local semantic

for the Internet Co, such as Instagram, Facebook, has inherent advantages, sharing economic platform or with social attributes, user stickiness without too much consideration. As a picture content platform, in improving the user retention, enhance the user experience, the need to integrate more resources in the field, especially in such an open era.

at present, and over 500 of the world's panoramic picture agencies to establish a strategic partnership, including Canada's Masterfile, the world's largest producer of Image Source, RF pictures UK creative picture company CAIA, South Korea TOPIC, Japan amanaimages world picture company, 80 million of the world's high quality picture resources polymerization. Behind, not only is the integration of resources, but also need to provide more in line with the platform to provide local services, technical support for humanity. For example, in the identification of semantic search, personalized optimization for China, Japan and France and Germany in five languages; break the boundaries of style in the search interface, simplified understanding tendency of creative language, reduce visual disturbance, so creative people can more easily get inspiration.

creative mode of globalisation: from the content to the electricity supplier, and then to the social networking platform for

mobile Internet era, the content does not provide can satisfy the appetite, companies need to have a start from their core business, with the same industry, cross industry into the surface, even more three-dimensional pattern of globalization. />

platform enterprise, based on user data resources in different sectors of the collection, its flow accumulation, help creative and dream of professional photographers more quickly understand the rules of commercial photography, photography enthusiasts to roots could be realized. However, according to the introduction of a panoramic view of the CMO, the photographer settled in the early or more stringent, the platform has a certain standard photographic works and high requirements.

put aside specific patterns of behavior to explore, panoramic vision is to provide a relatively competitive track, the Chinese creative industry in a mature and perfect model, and the world can have creative field of PK may. For example, in the future of the line in Cannes, we have more good work is recognized by the international creative community. Distance still exists, to go closer, the need to lead the Internet technology companies, but also the various sectors of the industry and the world's opening effort.

creative thinking to Globalization: the influence of

regardless of polymerization photographer resources, or to share pictures into a the globalization of social maturity model, its essence is in the influence of incubation. />

how will each simple cross cultural sense given Jina in the system, let the mind unbounded, globalization strategy panorama is just the beginning. />

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