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Author: Chen Qiongbo

last year, AppSo (micro signal Appsolution) has introduced a beautiful picture of the community Fleck, the application of an open will remind you, please upload your own shot or creative work, please kiss, do not self! ".

Sktchy is exactly the opposite picture of community, it encourages people to upload their own photos, and will invite the world artists to turn them into a moving portrait.

open Sktchy, the eye is the official for you daily portrait. Slide the portrait to the right and you will be able to see the original photos that are inspired by the artist.
click the middle plus, enter the INSPIRE   ARTISTS, users can submit their photos, they will be used, and community of artists, for artists to choose from what you want to create pictures.
if you want to paint a portrait, you can click on the GET INSPIRED, search keywords to select what you want to draw pictures.
and other social network, you can focus on other artists on the inside. If you think his painting is very similar, you can on the content of this WOW, like a Instagram in the same point of praise. In fact, the entire Sktchy interface design is very similar to the Instagram.
community every day will update a large number of works, showing all kinds of portraits in the form of , in addition to pen and paper, common digital painting, you can encounter in paper cutting, wood carving, coffee, graffiti on a napkin of portrait. here, you can always find an artist that surprises you.

the better use of the AppSo mobile phone to select recommended concern micro signal appsolution, style=" color: RGB "get the" painting with this 5 App, I decided to learn painting "

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