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/ Zhang Tong (Shenzhen experimental school Chinese teacher

) parents, leaders, teachers and schoolmates: Good afternoon


went to the graduation season. Had the honor to stand here, when you will open a new chapter of life, the spirit of the principle of rotary launched, get a ride, every teacher is represented here, on behalf of my own, no emotion, not sensational, down to earth and talk a few words of reality.

was the first to congratulate you, through the life of the first dark tunnel, climb a small slope, from then on, again met what quiz exams, the sky will come N a word that is not a thing".

when people from the long time of nervous exhaustion, look out, nine out of ten will enter the state of weightlessness, bitter for so long, you want to take revenge and idle away in seeking pleasure, wanton pleasure is normal, I want to remind you that the safety, safety first! The day is long, you slowly to - in addition to this, parents are born to you easily, keep you not easy, your safety is not your own, please, and music and cherish.

I guess you idle away in seeking pleasure two weeks later, 80% will enter a state of sleep pitch-dark, wake up dizzy up the brain, eyes dull, wash, face pengtou dirt on the Internet, zestfully chatting, playing games with the thief light, the parents love you suffer too long, too lazy to open with you shout and wrangle. A blind eye, with you, then you will slowly collapse, what are not vigorously, waits for school.

three months long is also short, talk to you on the University, and then you will find that you have been fooled! The university is not so free and tall, well not our school high school courses than western style, middle school is boring. You are a middle school teacher, although the IQ is not how high, but they are cautious and timid, good hearted, accompany you grow, laugh. When to think of it, can be very warm. Then, in your college memory, students are always more clear than the teacher. Of course, the university can also encounter the impact of your life mentor, see your luck.

one, about the summer vacation.

this holiday, I give you some suggestions: name, go to the driver's license test; some reliable friends come to reliable journey; go to the concert for the best seller at the popular movie; to want to learn to learn the guitar, you want to see the book, do you want to do the thing. Moving up, you will find life is very beautiful, how to be more than the home of a silly home.

but this holiday, the most important thing is not blind to play, but to accompany their parents, to coax them happy, mending education tortured in a disastrous state of the parent-child relationship. Your life, in a sense, has already begun to separate from your parents. At home less and less time, attention began to spread and spread out, but not to pay attention to the daily aging of two people. I am 18 years old home schooling, almost no parents get along with more than a month's time, I always thought that has always been healthy and don't know The coming days would be long., parents will be in 10 years have been away from me, not honor them, not to mention good companionship, regrets. In this world there are a lot of things is "I can stay to recall, but had been frustrated, the impermanence of life, relentless years, if you take my words to listen to, all the time.

two, about the university. The core competence of

people, more than half are from outside of professional such as years of reading matter of no great urgency, wisdom accumulation, such as long-term exercise and good health, such as the connotation of good parenting, such as interpersonal communication skills, such as human resources, etc.. So, in college, in addition to professional learning, you have to do a lot of things.

first of all to read widely, read Russell said "useless book" - read "useless book", the day after the party can do useful people". When Yu Minhong talked about his college life, he said: "no matter what the impact of Peking University, I read the 500 books, the real decision is the key to my life and the future. If you have not abandoned the four years, the next forty years you will probably start relatively calm.

to find all the things that can nourish you, those with the arts, with the United States, with the universal value of things. For example, listen to some good music can make you agonistic, also can let you see some serene silence; many, of the shadow behind the deep; and those who have the quality of lectures, training, talk and open class, can absorb do not miss.

20 years before and after the rise of life, doing addition, more reading, making friends, diligence. "Listen to Jun's words, better than reading ten books. With the "material" people make friends, they just walked past you, understand your ideas and confusion, there are a lot of experience and lessons learned, this will let you in the next 35 years, a lot less detours.

do more exercise, do not indulge. Because young, all the physical indications are good enough to make you lose your vigilance. I have seen in recruitment to win one in a thousand college students, in the subsequent examination were eliminated, with a report in the hospital corridors to cry, repent of their four years of neglect of the irregular movement, etc..

three, about life.

is more young, more to the accumulation of wisdom, conscious dialectical thinking, do not look at the problem of the extremes, especially not casually in the online Tucao to vent their anger, tongues quickly do useless. Instead of complaining, it is better to work.

Kennedy said, "don't always ask what the country has done for you. Ask yourself what you have done for your country." this applies to young people all over the world, to understand the relationship between the individual and the country. Single handedly, perhaps no big change on the overall situation, but Mr Lu Xun had said: there is no road, people walk more, also became a way. Through a network of gold, more straightforward and simple -- "you have the sun, China is not in the dark.

in short, with a positive view of life, and strive to make their own inner strength, no need to care about the sound of the public! Cherish the four years, these years in your entire life in the process of the impact of the big, you will know.

thank you for the students, we accompanied by three years, the fate of life. Youth is the most beautiful song of life, I wish you to write, sing every day in the future, no regrets! Thank you all!

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