Seriously lose, accidentally pregnant BB more intelligent!

Pregnancy BB intelligence development

taipingyangqinziwang· 2016-06-18 10:12:25

accidentally pregnant baby more intelligent folk argument is a long time, the fact that it is true?

in fact, this argument is not a point of scientific basis.

, on the contrary, if the prospective parents before pregnancy did not prepare, whether physical or mental are often half will can't adapt to the arrival of the children, but due to various physical reasons, may cause the baby in the early developmental abnormalities, and even deformity problems.


, a visual China pregnancy without adequate preparation affect the baby development

· pregnant, parents are not ready to plan and prepare for the children to.

so, when the child is likely to affect the arrival of the parents of life planning, which is also very bad for the baby. If there is a plan for a baby, that parents will certainly be prepared in advance, such as a more regular life, quit drinking, supplement folic acid, etc..

· baby accidental pregnancy may not happen is a product of mother when pressure is big, may also be the crystallization of drunken father.

such a case of pregnancy, the baby will have a certain health risks. If it is a product of alcohol, the fertilized eggs are prone to abnormal, abnormal fertilized eggs in the implantation or embryonic development will be affected. In addition, alcohol is also able to enter the fetal blood through the placenta, causing alcohol poisoning syndrome, manifested as fetal dysplasia, central nervous system abnormalities or mental retardation and other conditions.

· the impact of unexpected pregnancy in women with special jobs.

is more specific, including some heavy metals, organic solvents, pesticides. But to reach a certain dose can lead to fetal malformations, but also for a long time to contact. Therefore, it is recommended to work in contact with paint, pesticides, radiation and other harmful substances in women, the first pause for a period of time before pregnancy.

· prenatal smoking can lead to abnormal fertilized eggs, prone to fetal malformation or slow growth, even if the smooth production is also prone to poor memory barriers, which will seriously affect the child's future life and learning.

we often say, do not let the children lose at the starting line, and the unexpected pregnancy is actually let the children in the rush before the starting line, it can be said that the parents of dereliction of duty. So, don't believe what "baby pregnant smarter" nonsense, but this is deceiving themselves.

want to eugenics, make children smarter, pre pregnancy preparation essential: must prepare examination pregnancy examination and pregnancy; balanced diet, rational nutrition, weight control, regular exercise; give up smoking and drinking, drug abuse, changing bad habits; the drugs and radioactive substances to avoid occupation in the environment.

two, want to do after birth,

contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but mainly to make contraception, even married life, if you are not ready for a child, is also an important part of contraception in married life.

can be used in male male condoms; women can use oral contraceptives, contraceptive injection, uterine ring, uterine cap, female condoms, topical contraceptive drugs or ovulation method.

if there is no good contraception during sexual intercourse in the process of safety measures, so it must do emergency contraception work, the woman can take emergency contraception after sexual intercourse within seventy-two hours, of course, this is not the trick.

professional doctors said, whether it is pre contraceptive or emergency contraception, they will still have an unintended pregnancy, physical and other factors related to the body if you want to better prevent unwanted pregnancy, the doctor suggested that we are the best in the choice of contraceptive methods, consult the doctor's advice, health checks, and follow the doctor the instructions correctly the use of contraceptive methods suitable for their own physical condition, and high efficiency.

do man pregnant?

1. examination to determine whether the baby health

said above is not alarmist, not ready to baby exists a risk of unpredictable, so when that he must go to the hospital to check after pregnancy, determine whether the baby health. If the child appears abnormal, it is better to make a decision as soon as possible, whether or not to be born and bear all of his commitment, or re plan to a healthy baby.

2. let oneself quickly adapt to the baby's arrival of

many prospective parents in children after the unexpected arrival will be "not ready" as an excuse, irritable, depressed, not willing to accept this destroyed, and fear, even more unfavorable to the growth of the baby. In fact, married couples have to prepare for the arrival of the baby for children, sooner or later will come, why don't you take it as a surprise gift, with a positive attitude to accept him, you will find that everything will be better. Because of his arrival.

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