How to practice the billiard balls out of the way of the rod

How pool

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how to practice billiard rod?


snooker player to imitate the standard posture, 78 imaging on the line, more practice, or to find people who will help you to correct it, step by step the adjustment, but remember: there is no absolute standard posture, comfortable and natural relaxation is the ultimate goal! Just forced to form a general framework of posture.

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level rod, hand holding rod any action is to ensure that the rod body is level at any time,. Don't be strong to bar method shows very good results, this is the key! "

grip to loose, rod end hold ensure rod does not fly out on the line, all the time with his arm with a rod.

double stop, before and after the pause is extremely important, can greatly improve the hitting grasp! Stop after adequate preparations to ensure that all signals, stop before completion of execution, as the basketball cast out why to keep a position until the goal.


can be said that this is a good one of the most important link rod. Even so, there is no good force can not play a good pool.

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