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Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif; Japan depression 25 years only software bank group to rapid growth of

sans-serif; Microsoft YaHei, Softbank founder Sun Zhengyi, only 24 years old. With his insight into the trend of intuition, in the beginning of the rise of the network, large-scale investment in high-tech start-ups, recognize YAHOO and Alibaba. He has repeatedly led the leading situation, Softbank mobile communication, broadband across the foot, jumped into the Japanese telecom giant; last year, launched the world's first communication robot Pepper, show the integration of artificial intelligence, networking and other industries are determined. 6 years ago, when Japan was still trapped in the dilemma of economic stagnation, Sun Zhengyi put forward that Softbank "under a 30 year vision", 2040, to become the world's top ten enterprises, so that enterprises continue to grow for 300 years. From the understanding of the future, to control the future, Sun Zhengyi has proved that he wants to change the world ambition. I hope to get out of business operators from Softbank in the development of a forward-looking vision of future move.

in Japan since 1991 after bubble collapse, economic stagnation, has so far failed to recover, known as the" lost 20 years ". Once the Japanese zaibatsu all-powerful SHARP, SONY, Matsushita, Toshiba, more than in recent years, layoffs is loss.

it is software Bank Group (SoftBank).

group turnover from 2012 3 trillion 202 billion 500 million yen, up to 9 in 2015 - 153 billion 600 million. The group's profits have jumped from 372 billion 500 million in 2012 to 999 billion 500 million yen in the latest report. If no accident, Softbank will soon become the turnover broken 10 trillion yen, net profit to break trillion yen in large group.

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from Telecom, layman, jump for the Japanese communications leader, from the precise vision investment YAHOO, Alibaba, in recent years to launch the world's first communication robot Pepper, Softbank in the ultimate challenge.

Softbank founder Sun Zhengyi, is a complex of entrepreneurs and adventurers crazy genius. The original is the discrimination against Japanese Korean third generation, the lowest in Japanese society, 36 years of entrepreneurship, to fight out of today's Japan's second richest man.

he can make a breakthrough record peak, with, is to foresee the future vision, he always with a new imagination, redefining the future. In the world are not seen in the middle of the decline, the reversal of victory.

Sun Zhengyi in 1981 began to do business, a computer software industry. In early 1990s, he decided that the Internet is about to rise, namely global enclosure, large-scale investment in new high-tech small company, which will be very influential later YAHOO and Alibaba.

2000, realize the broadband Internet access is a hotly contested spot, Sun Zhengyi decided to cross this new field. Although Softbank due to the global Internet bubble, the stock was down to the original 2%.

before long, Sun Zhengyi also expected mobile communication and the Internet will become the future overlord, first is the acquisition of Vodafone Japan, after the introduction of exclusive iPhone, successfully become the Japanese Telecom giant.

from the understanding of the future, to control the future, Sun Zhengyi always have lofty ideals and high aspirations to change the world.

feats include 2015 Softbank official sales Pepper emotional robot, let out a science fiction movie, successfully entered the family; solar power base in 2015, Softbank built in Hokkaido, and in 2016 the government of India and the country's largest solar cap the power station, Sun Zhengyi is the" Asian super grid "laid the first step.

to break the status quo, to see farther than others
% thinking now 90% time to

Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif; Sun Zhengyi, is Asia's most entrepreneurial future outlook. "I do not know what to do when it was longer than usual! "This is Sun Zhengyi used to warn myself and colleagues, don't be in front of a word shake effect situation.

Alibaba group vice chairman Cai Chongxin, Sun Zhengyi described very visionary:" he will tell you that I have the company's growth plans for 300 years. "

" 90% of Sun Zhengyi's mind, think of the future, leaving only 10% think now, "for 10 consecutive years reported Softbank's Nikkei BP Agency reporter Xiao Hong said. He has been observed, Sun Zhengyi loves to talk about the future, the beginning we later discovered that always seemed half believe and half doubt, true, began to believe that he is depicted in the vision.

2016 global economic development is not optimistic, all the people are looking forward to recovery, perhaps, need is like Sun Zhengyi, the courage to challenge the unknown model.

Shiodome area Softbank headquarters building, high ceilinged hall style. Every time to go to work, waiting for the elevator people often grow outside the gate.

nearly 10000 of Japan's Softbank elite concentrated in the building, through the" information revolution "make people happy's slogans everywhere. The 26 floor of the building, it's Sun Zhengyi's office.

" his most recent trip even I don't know, "the Softbank group advertising office director assistant Wu Xiao pull Wells said with a wry smile. "The world is moving towards the goal of" Softbank Sun Zhengyi, less and less time in Japan, may be more in the Silicon Valley time, always flying in five continents.

Sun Zhengyi in office, decorated with Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif;" > the Longma wood knife copy at the end of the Japanese goods, the Shogun warrior, in action off fan, and then change the history of courage, Sun Zhengyi has always been admired, encouraging him.

" published last year Sun Zhengyi coke "a Book of Oonishi Takahiro, revealed the dark side of Sun Zhengyi, because it is too busy," he often while running or waving wood knife, while meeting with people, make full use of time. "

school to sleep three hours a day awake is reading

since childhood, Sun Zhengyi used to pay beyond the ordinary hard. The primary school football, in order to exercise the power of every day he wore leg, iron clogs from home run several kilometers to the school.

2016 $11 billion 700 million and Sun Zhengyi, young family was very poor. My grandfather from Daegu immigrants to the island of Kyushu to Saga, the family ten people crowded in illegal construction, always do not have enough to eat. When the grandmother pushed rancid leftovers when collecting water from door to door, Sun Zhengyi stood with the slimy car.

16 years old started high school, Sun Zhengyi said to the United States of California Silicon Valley study, to see the world, terrified father was ill in bed, but still put the money and let him go.

Sun Zhengyi to study in the United States after class to sit in the first row of the classroom, the classroom will have been continuously to the teacher. Average sleep three hours every day, as long as it is awake, whether it is walking or walking on the toilet are used to read. Other people a day, he can not wait to break one day to ten days, and strive to make Sun Zhengyi graduated from the University, the highest honor awarded the "President of the president award".

Sun Zhengyi's sense of the future, in this period of time which make first appearance of exotic.

during the study, he requires you to spend five minutes a day to come up with a new invention. His method is very unique, first making a large number of write different keywords word cards, and random permutations, such as "automatic" and "high speed" and "carry" keyword based, plus the "washing machine" and "translation" and "machine" locomotive, the two are not completely dry words "match", draw a new "thing".

this way is to use the imagination, creativity and amazing burst of hitherto unknown. Then, he can judge whether or not he can be a cause or have a market.

19 to set a 50 year plan
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for his own life, but also a sense of the future. At the age of 19 for the "50 year plan" of life; by the age of 30 years of fame, before the age of 40 to at least 100 billion yen, 50 years prior to that courage big career success, before the age of 60, before the age of 70 to stick to the successor.

magic is, except for the last one, because the age hasn't arrived, the other part of the plan has come true.

made the California Berkeley Department of economics degree, Sun Zhengyi returned to Japan, the creation of bank software. Although there is a bank of two words, but the company is not in the financial sector, meaning "as bank savings and loan linked, to the development of information and Softbank receiver together. "

just Softbank founder, he was standing on the passion fruit box for staff propaganda:" we're in a period of five years of sales of 10 billion yen, 50 billion yen to ten years, and become a trillion yuan calculation the turnover of the company. In fact, when the audience listened to the lecture, only two staff members, and have left in two weeks, "they all thought I was tell some fantastic tales. "Sun Zhengyi in the six years prior to the 30 anniversary of Softbank, smile at this story.

the two former employees must not believe, Sun Zhengyi not only had even far more than the target tell some fantastic tales.

Sun Zhengyi founded Japan's Softbank, only 24 years old, a few months will become Japan's largest software distributors. The 37 year old public offering, accumulated 100 billion yen more than the money, at the age of 43 in the broadband business into all 49 years, Japan's merger with iPhone exclusive Vodafone, the Japanese market for five years, beat NTT to become Japan's telecom industry leading. At the age of 56, the acquisition of sprint, to become the world's third largest telecom industry, to the "world" Softbank target layout.

incumbent JapanFlagship Project chairman and former president Miki xiongxin, chief of Softbank president room for eight years, close with Sun Zhengyi, later wrote about ten books, all around the interpretation of Sun Zhengyi's philosophy. The content of these books have been recognized Sun Zhengyi, the two year old executive member, party will also be more than two times.

1. The first successful secret strategy
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Miki Onobu accept the" grand vision "interview, Sun Zhengyi summed up the success of a secret, is the" first "strategy; two is the straw for gold; three is to have a set of business future scientific method.

" the first strategy is to be the first in the industry, and to cooperate with the first company, "Miki Onobu said.

in the business logic of Sun Zhengyi, to become the leading and most effective play to the economies of scale, low-cost purchase of raw materials, but also can improve the corporate image.

after the first computer software and Microsoft cooperation, 1992 has made the first CISCO router industry proxy system in japan. "It is important to maintain cooperation in various fields and often leading," Miki Onobu analysis in "100 work rule" a successful leader, is able to enjoy the leading enterprise brand appeal, price competitiveness.

2 "the secret of success for gold

for the second successful philosophy, is the straw for gold. This is a Japanese fable, mean a worthless straw, with people constantly exchange, finally can change to wealth, as Sun Zhengyi's unique skills.

men go soon, came to a big house. The owner of the big house is going out for a trip. He wants to borrow his horse. "If I don't come back in three years, I will give you the big house. "After three years, the owner has not come back. So, man has become the new owner, happy to live in a big house to continue.

barter, things will be in the hands of" upgrades ", is the straw for gold to tell people the truth. Miki Onobu believes that Sun Zhengyi will use this set of consummate.

he for example, Softbank in the 2006 acquisition of Vodafone Japan, in order to sell mobile phone, apple to purchase large quantities of iPod, activity as gifts, therefore become one of the important customers of apple.

Softbank mobile phone sales outlets will also change the iPod color, to express to the attention of apple. Later, iPhone3 in Japan's exclusive right to sell to Japan was NTT's largest telecoms company did not give, but Softbank, will be not at all surprising. Even when Japanese evening long queues waiting to buy iPhone3, which become the key after Softbank telecom giant, currently has about 30000000 mobile phone users.

bought iPod to do promotions, for iPhone exclusive rights to sell, it is the heart of Sun Zhengyi" straw into gold ".

3 "success time machine theory
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third secret is that Sun Zhengyi not only has to ascertain the future tentacles, also knows how to practice. Among them, the most commendable is the "time machine".

often relations between the United States and Japan Sun Zhengyi, found the American network development than Japan's advanced industry, and so will the goods have been successfully imported from Japan, the Japan network industry" time difference ", for their own make out.

1996, Sun Zhengyi and YAHOO joint venture Yahoo! JAPAN (YAHOO! JAPAN), Softbank accounted for 51% of the shares, the successful transplantation model in the United States YAHOO to Japan, today, Yahoo! JAPAN is always the most in Japan welcome to the search engine and portal.

a 30 year vision
by the information revolution changed the world < strong>

2010, Softbank 30 anniversary, Sun Zhengyi put forward the" vision "for the next 30 years, once again set the task: to 2040, to become the world's top ten enterprises, market capitalization of 200 trillion yen, the total number of 5000 group companies, so that enterprises continue to grow 300 years.

Sun Zhengyi painted the pie, not pointless. For example, the "market value in 2040 reached 200 trillion yen", Miki Onobu said, this figure is in accordance with the different growth rate as the premise, and then calculates the Softbank competitor's market capitalization derived conclusion. In order to squeeze into the world's top ten in 2024, this goal is absolutely necessary.

2010 Softbank's market capitalization of about 3 trillion yen, in order to reach 200 trillion yen, 30 years to grow 60 times.

in accordance with Sun Zhengyi's hypothesis, every ten years, alternating group internal generation, 30 years will have three successors, average every value will increase five times in ten years. "Five times sounds a lot, but in fact, an average of 0.5 times a year," Miki Onobu said, after scientific data analysis, the goal is not difficult to achieve.

" under a 30 year vision "was published, which for five years has been to the goal. The best example is the "Pepper," executive director and personnel in Softbank Aono Fumihiro pointed out that Sun Zhengyi believes that the future is the generation of robots.

Pepper should be perfected, must include the Internet and artificial intelligence robot, how to integrate the three official, currently most concerned about Sun Zhengyi. "When the popularity of artificial intelligence, the world will be completely different," said Aono Fumihiro, Softbank is a can imagine the future of the company, but also can change the world, through the information revolution.

by the current boom low impact operators and enterprises, Sun Zhengyi understanding of the business operation, may be able to get out of inspiration.

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