LGD cast TV/ flexible capacity expansion of OLED million won three arrows / lighting manufacturers to benefit from South Korea

The Republic of Korea

CINNO· 2016-06-18 16:41:18

LG display beginning in 1 in Gyeonggi Do trillion Korean won Paju and Kyungpook Gumi factory (about $850 million) OLED production line scale additional investment. Because it is at the same time to increase the TV, smart phones, cars and other large and small and medium sized OLED production line and concern. Equipment ordering followed, the cooperation will benefit manufacturers.

P8 added TV with large production line focus OLED equipment is to ensure that the 25 thousand to 26 thousand scale productivity. Total investment amounted to 460 billion won (about 391 million U. S. dollars).

present LG display panel production capacity has reached 34 thousand copies per month. After the completion of the addition, the end of the year to ensure that the scale of 59 thousand ~6 million of productivity. If you consider the OLED panel to improve the yield per year, is expected to 55 inches and 65 inches panel production will be more than this year to increase.

LG display also started to invest an additional flexible OLED 310 billion won ($263 million). Recently signed with ICD 18 billion 700 million won (about 15 million 900 thousand U.S. dollars) contract. At the same time, with the Invenia, Zhou Xing Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a 31 billion 900 million won (about 27 million 100 thousand U.S. dollars) and 20 billion 900 million won (about $17 million 800 thousand) of the equipment supply contract.

LG revealed in July last year, a total investment of 1 megabytes of 50 billion won (about $892 million), and decided to invest in the 6 generation OLED E5 flexible production line. Although it has been planning about 4000 scale production lines, but also decided to increase investment 310 billion won (about 263 million U.S. dollars) to increase production capacity to 7500 per month scale. In addition to spend 150 billion won (about $127 million) for the preparation of lighting with OLED production line.

LG plans a total investment of 4 year trillion ~5 trillion won ($3 billion 400 million to $4 billion 200 million). This cost includes the construction of the new P10 plant in the state of slope. In the 2 quarter of 2018, after the completion of the P10 will begin to invest in large and medium and small OLED panel.

after the beginning of equipment investment, related equipment, materials manufacturers industry to increase the possibility of concern by the market. In addition to the supplier Viatron heat treatment equipment, ENF tech, SK materies material manufacturers join the possibility is also high.

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