Veterans to pay 70 thousand yuan membership dues rejected by the bank is very angry

The bank dues veterans refused

jingchuwang· 2016-06-18 17:24:18

police send him home

original title: nine year old to pay 70 thousand yuan special membership dues no payee name baffled bank

Jingchu net news (correspondent Wang Chunzheng Tang Haipeng) the afternoon of June 13th, Zengdou Dongcheng police station in alarming way, temporary the bank received the staff for help, careful understanding, patience, successfully persuaded the nine year veteran through formal channels to pay seventy thousand yuan special dues "".

16 pm the same day, the police on duty received 110 orders, finished in the vicinity of Jiefang Road postal savings bank alarming, the occasion of leaving, bank staff on-site help: " the business hall No. 3 window, an old man forced to post more than 70000 yuan fee, because there is no name of the payee, by staff politely discouraged when it refused to leave be furious.

police on duty should seek to quickly reach the bank, came to the office of the staff of the big temper of the old man's side, please sit in the rest area, and promised to help solve their problems. The old man would not listen to more angry, the police repeatedly persuasion, it helped to the business hall of Rest Area. The old man's hearing is very good, after half an hour to sit on the exchange, the mood gradually calm, finally find out what was going on.

old man Zheng Moumou, born in 1927, is a Xinjiang Construction Corps veterans who fought for decades, the household registration ID card address is Xinjiang Kuitun City, a district near the current address Department of Zengdou first kindergarten. Since a few years ago, was invited to return to the old army when the battle of life, leading to his respect and gratitude for the troops after initiation of the above, the elderly pay special membership way support troops construction, and to express their concern for the troops. In the afternoon, the carrying more than 70000 yuan in cash for years to save the postal bank, to Xinjiang Karamay Organization Department in postal dues, because the payee is a wukechang, coupled with the huge amount of money, the bank staff in his strong request to remit 2500 yuan, the remaining seventy thousand yuan refund, so the old man did not understand then, very angry.

the police heard the old man say, carefully to the old man explained, the recipient remittance must have the true name and address of the bank staff, in order to protect the safety of large special "membership", and inform the pay dues of formal channels and methods, understand the old man, turn anger to laugh and agreed to temporarily not anxious to remittance. Finally, the police will be safely escorted home. When parting, the elderly appreciate the police pulled their hands and said: "thank you for special police to take me home, I believe you, you really are a Communist Party Culture of police, is the good way! "

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