Henan, a hotel sofa to sit close to 10 yuan

Henan sofa hotel net friend

zhongxinwang· 2016-06-18 17:24:33

hotel lobby sofa, sit down to collect fees 10 yuan? Recently, some friends broke the news to the river, said in a hotel in Sanmenxia, the introduction of a provision. Fact how, in June 16th, the newspaper reporter came to the river to visit the hotel.

according to friends, the hotel named the Great Wall Hotel, located in Sanmenxia City, Xiaoshan Road and Yongxing street intersection. In the afternoon, the reporter saw in the hotel lobby, decorated with 3 side of the sofa, coffee table decorated with a card table, table cards on both sides clearly: not in the hotel guests in the lobby of the sofa seat fee of 10 yuan". Dated April 28, 2016.

reporters after sitting, the lobby of the service staff looked at, did not speak.

subsequently, the reporter pointed to the desk to ask, is it really true. The hotel staff nodded, "of course it is true". The reporter asked the reason, he said, because the hotel special geographical location, adjacent to the Sanmenxia City Intermediate People's court and experimental primary school, to work every time, the petition or parents of their children, went into the hall to sit and rest, "you see my sofa sat on the … …

" asked the reporter, really the charge a fee? The other did not answer, turn left.

so, such a reasonable fee? In this regard, the reporter contacted the Sanmenxia Consumer Association and Sanmenxia City, 12358 price service complaints hotline, the other side said that the hotel should not charge fees, not belong to their management category.

"in the hotel lobby their own range, for some reason, to protect their own interests, of course, can set a similar provisions. Ms. Wang expressed understanding of the public.

but at the same time there are people who say they do not support. "Although there is no such provision in this regard does not allow them to charge fees, but as a social enterprise, it should be a little more social responsibility, to facilitate the public. Liu said the public.

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