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's office is located in China World Trade Center, & through it with black pepper; in the form of live teaching , and strong> for the entire venture capital circles public bidding acts . 2 211 million people watching , to attract more 867;" certified entrepreneurs registration as his disciple!
tomorrow (June 19th) 20 pm, founder of Focus Media will also participate in the live Entrepreneurship Challenge, he will bring " font-size: 14px color: RGB for entrepreneurs; (0, 112, 192); ">2 hours of live courses , and style= font-size: "14px will publish his recruiting criteria.

for the convenience of everyone on the general question, horse brother Jiang finishing nearly 3 years," >, in order to provide dinner for Readers, want to do business in the general disciple of the river must not miss!

Jiangnanchun &

1, the passive living space to occupy the same" marketing margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px; max-width: 100%; font-family: sans-serif; line-height: normal; white-space: normal; box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important; ">
@ Jiangnanchun: I don't what thought: I think the initiative of information gain model always has great changes, passive living space is the same, so I since it has been occupied the same, why do you follow? Since I can not achieve a great company, but my business continued to grow. I think most of the changes are anxious. Division is not a great company's life, it only do the times it should do.

2, < strong>

@ River Nanchun: brand really need to think of a normal existence, for consumers represents the stability and security of the brand, and this sense of security access and strengthen, and there will be normalized to maintain and promote the brand in turn.

3, the learner, the new spring < strong>

@; Jason: for the next five years, some people doubt whether the economy can Chinese some people worry about whether they will stride forward singing militant songs, Chinese economy into the winter, but I think, for a always learning and change, every year is a new spring.

4, enterprises do not give consumers too much choice"

@ Jiangnanchun: in this era of tide , enterprises need to understand the three issues: stock, variable, incremental. The Internet allows people to obtain information on the cost of 0, but the cost is high, so, do not give consumers too much choice. Advertising should be firmly and content binding, mass consumption content does not consume advertising, advertising content to do.

5, social media do energy life media sales

@ Jiangnanchun: in the mobile Internet Era The standard of communication is the chemical reaction of the media and the social media. Social media to do energy, to do the story, to do the plot, after the formation of the social media energy into the life of the media, to do sales. There is a landing is to use the creative content of the media to do it, the detonation of social media, and finally to the traditional media, the whole media detonated.

6, today is a scraper in

@ Jiangnanchun: every day we will only remember: 1 , Major social events, 2, major social entertainment. Brand communication, if you can not be integrated into major events, major entertainment, is not enough. So that the era of mobile Internet advertising is no longer advertising, entertainment, is a topic.

7, to maximize the dissemination of advertising to pay attention to this 2 point

@ Jiangnanchun: wants to be seen only in advertising There are 2 possibilities. The first is to put the advertisement into the content, as a part of the content, or to make the topic of advertising. The second is when a man in a more boring than the advertising time and space has become the advertising content, being seen; aviation magazine is a kind of spatial characteristics of media, is not content, but had a special time and space, this space is more boring than advertising.

8, quality content output is the key to the development of

@ Jiangnanchun: for Papi sauce, but I think Hot, like in the movie field, I invested Huayi Brothers in 2006, when it was just beginning, 2009 Huayi Brothers listed gave me a lot of inspiration, the trend of the development of faster than you imagined. Later we invest in theater advertising, when the 40% growth rate was worried that it is not overheating, second years increased to third, 60% years 50%. Once the trend is formed, it will push you away. From the media, red net will become an important information production mode, liquidity will be released, the key is the quality of content production.

9," cool "brand to

14px; how to make the brand cool? We first look at the industry in general solutions:

for the more popular" margin: 0EM style= spokesman

all kinds of short-term marketing tricks and ad

90 young group

released disruptive technology

; in fact, the solutions to the various brands found although very intuitive, but can not solve the problem, at least not to solve the problem of essence.

10, brand marketing to learn

@ Jiangnanchun: what is the scene exploded? When combined with a specific occasion and the specific life scene, the combination of emotion and topic can form the consumption stimulus and social communication, which is combined with the specific needs of the people at present. For example, before the Spring Festival to buy a ticket back home, a home in the elevator to see every ride, [home is a kind of belief, and not to grab votes, as wind home]. For example, in the evening, the company to work overtime until midnight, ready to go home, office building, elevator car God 30 to tell you that I have [you don't be afraid, God car safer travel at night 30]. For example, ready to go downstairs at noon to eat, the elevator is hungry do you tell you hungry do not call it, called hungry it. For example, the scene of the movie theater men and women close to the screen, the DO L series on the screen at the expense of their own dreams of the achievements of your dream, there is a kind of happiness to pay. At this point, the advertisement detonated the emotion and the heart of consumers to truly shake hands.

11, passive + Mobile, quickly detonated brand

@ Jiangnanchun: when the brand created a new category and a significant difference of the new features, direct that value good point, this time For users, this is a valuable and useful information, and the use of precise, mandatory, passive media low interference of brand communication is the most effective, for example on this a bit, seeds, hungry, China auto rental ads can be directly accepted. The founder of these new category and the new features in the mobile Internet because selling function itself is the novelty of the original topic, born with the spread of power. All passive and mobile two pronged approach to achieve high efficiency of the brand quickly detonated.

@ Jiangnanchun: as the Amazon founder Bezos said:" in the past, I often asked: "what will happen in the future ten year What change? " But I have never been asked: "what will remain the same in the next ten years?" And I want to say, the second question is really important because you can develop business strategies for things that are stable.

13" brand, because of divergence "and" convergence "

" to produce different brands due to "high degree of attention to competitors, but because of the sensitive attention, leading to their peers and has no difference, but the more convergence.

this is very much like today's car, intelligent mobile phone or any of a large user base market, each" brand "is a single bird, they are not every hour and moment in the" perception "group behaviors For adaptation, along with the final "playing" a look like the perfect "conspiracy" of the show, has led to an individual faceless, let the consumer

I saw a flock of birds no, see the birds;

see forest trees;

the category, do not see the brand.

show perfect ending when it is brand loyalty disappear the moment. It is the transition to competition that is sensitive to the loss of brand personality. Style= margin-to "

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