Hu Ge's first men's week attracted all the fans!

Hu Ge men Shanghai airport Khaki

juziyule· 2016-06-18 21:54:33

the Milan men's week Chinese to taste coffee star level can not small, guess who you see orange? Yes, is your "Mei Lord" Hu Ge, Hu said last night a gray at the Shanghai airport ready to go to Milan, but this is the first time he participated in the men's week!

is the first time in Milan, but not to ~ at the airport to a hair styling Look, Elmar, this is too ~ posed a silver night call should be more add a touch of mystery. The bar is full of his full of gentleman spirit, wearing this suit, the fans do not know how much to turn over the younger sister!

is Emporio Armani by the Hu invited to go to Milan, so he's all the same paragraph of nature are from Armani ~ want to get with a classmate, Zi Jun give you all welfare orange! The

Emporio Armani2016 in the spring and summer coat and pants in Hu body simple and there is no lack of handsome, fashionable supermodel Master that visual sense, baths, a model with is abused! Class= img_box "

walking clothes rack wear what are good to death, orange Jun declared this round of buyers show victory!

on other decoration items from the same Emporio Armani, gray uniform and body echoes will not grab the limelight, but also quite delicate color! Khaki bag shape is unique and is suitable for old tall stature, temperament gentle atmosphere at one time, had no choice but shoes sports shoes also reflected one side at his leisure, is so easy to wear feel!

do not play, not too cold and chase the trend, Hu easy interpretation of a classic Shanghai gentleman image!

for pose is also high Dan level swing, making so many large airports, posing is not a piece of cake for me!

the last sentence

Hu not to be a pity a supermodel! Class= img_box "

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