Wu Yifan "about 4 female voice: gunport" to help a friend send

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fenghuangyule· 2016-06-18 21:55:21


Linlin screenshot micro-blog Phoenix Entertainment News at noon today, once broke and Wu Yifan Shenzhen dating girls "Linda Babyy" in micro-blog voice, said before the photos and micro-blog are friends please write, she did not know I hope, do not mislead the wrong people.


"Linda Linda revelations Babyy" Wu Yifan "is about gunport" "girlfriend 4", who broke the news last year Wu Yifan propaganda "old gun" in Shenzhen, he introduced by friends, play together and drank a lot of wine, second days to go to the hotel with Wu Yifan, and the exposure of the photos of friends.


screenshot exposure WeChat Linda but "Linda Babyy" micro-blog and WeChat account avatar before the exposure of the picture is the same person, if not the same person why to use the same micro-blog micro-blog in her head, before drying out the photo is also consistent with the WeChat head, now said to be audible by friends asked, can not help but doubt. Class= img_box "

micro-blog Babyy

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