Taiwan woman angrily said: I jump the queue after the failure of Taipei.

Taiwan Taipei woman license plate

huanqiuwang· 2016-06-18 23:28:49

according to the Taiwan News reported on June 17th in Taiwan Fenglin cloud, a woman who went to Kaohsiung City, a district road Liao snacketeria, suspected the queue did not succeed, the woman was angry abusive clerk also hit. A clerk's sister sent the matter to the online complaint, please help users "human flesh" the woman. The clerk after the report has been reported that the police are tracing the identity of the woman.

clerk sister issued a document called 4 point 16 in the afternoon, a woman to jump the queue, sister to serve other customers, after the woman impatient, "what she called her sister for a long time, she has been wasting time like". After the woman left back to find her sister trouble, but also scolded swearing, beatings, after typing also said that did not even say in fear, after the man ran away, and did not shoot the license plate".

onlookers shot video display, the woman in the fast food shop on duty manager said, I come from Taipei". The manager stressed that women's mouth obscenities and beatings. But the woman excited yelling "I have to jump the queue, or adjust the monitor". Later, the female staff to report, said it would sue the woman openly insulting. Lin Yuan pointed out that the

police precinct police station this female customer loyalty, does have a queue, by the clerk to stop her, disgruntled, taunting each other on the spot. It is not clear of her identity, will be based on the salesgirl provide features, as well as mobile phone APP to find the woman for meals. Fast food stores, said the company also issued a statement, the matter has entered the judicial process, to protect employees and customers, to respond to the inconvenience.

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