This UAV has 5 lenses, can make you a second to become god!


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UAV and virtual reality are the two most popular fields of current science and technology circle, but can really put the two together nicely products are not many, from the United States   Exo360 can be regarded as one of the minority.  

^ Exo360 uav...... How does the name always remind me of the day in South Korea?

Exo360 UAV five HD cameras are integrated in the propeller and the bottom of the fuselage, can be used to shoot 360 degree panoramic images and pictures, which support 3 km away the flight distance, the distance of 1.5 kilometers back video, can be a very good record of the stadium.  

"Exo360 at the bottom of the fuselage around and are equipped with a camera for shooting 360 DEG

Exo360 also comes with a remote control, so you can be free control of the UAV, he decided to shoot the video content.

^ Exo360 remote

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if you want to enjoy outdoor sports, do not want their own hands to control the UAV if you can, a matching APP, let the UAV follow you OK.  

^ Exo360 has the following function of

through APP to set up Exo360 flight routes, Exo360 will be in accordance with the specified route route broadcast. After the shooting, Exo360 will automatically according to the indicating return, at a distance of 5 meters off the mobile phone.  

^ set line in the App Exo360

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"can also be set in the game, let the game live

Exo360 Exo360 in the air is the best local, you can take the VR helmet at any time, to watch the first perspective shooting out of the Exo360 real time 360 degree panoramic video.  

- wearing VR helmet, immediately turned the perspective of God

you can also use video sharing to bestie, let him use the mobile phone or VR. See you live tour fragments, uh...... This is much higher than in the circle of friends of the sun in the scenic photos.  

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"let your bestie have God perspective in the field of

Exo360 while pretending to be built in 6600mAh battery, but the battery life is only a short 18 minutes, consider the return to power, actually can not fly far.  

^ but 18 minutes endurance is not durable enough......

this means that the game you want to live your valiant and heroic in bearing began not long, but the game you have to make the UAV landing, for it......

"text-align: center;" in addition to life mishap, other Exo360's performance are good, after all, a collection of nowadays very popular VR technology, UAV and 360 degree panoramic camera.

"Exo360 to capture 360 degree panoramic photos of

at Exo360 on Indiegogo has been raised, divided into standard Exo360 version and Pro version, standard you can shoot 1080P video version, Pro version can shoot 4K video. Standard Version for $999, 4K version is $1399.  


information equipment manufacturers: Queen B Robotics | development progress: productprototyping < /p>

official website:

purchase: Indiegogo

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Exo360 "although UAV in the endurance and windproof performance and Xinjiang than there are still gaps, but the use of VR into the UAV market not bad. And if you have a Exo360, you want to use it to experience what kind of scenery ?   />

message area write your point of view of the U.S. war film "UAV" HD resources will give you! < / span>

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