The new type of air defense lights were 4 patents for the night to let the chariot stealth"

Air defense Deng Xibo battlefield demand operational demand passive solar energy

· 2016-04-19 16:33:25

< p > < strong > held four national invention patents, was awarded the "China Science and technology innovator, the Tibet Military Area Command a brigade of assistant engineer Deng Xibo will research eyes locked on the training field, successfully cracked the highland troops night emergency concealment and rapid mobility problems. He said --

< p > < strong > "battlefield needs, is the research direction of"

< p > - newspaper correspondent Yan Liang Xu Lingkang < p < p align = "center" checkedbycsshelper= "true" >

< p class = "pictext align =" center "checkedbycsshelper=" true "> Deng Xibo (left) leading backbone equipment innovation. < / strong > Photo < p < p = TEXT-ALIGN: left align = "left" > 4 months early, Tibet Military Area Command of a brigade of the assistant engineer Deng Xibo successful reform their three years ago, the research and development of military air defense lamp, make it meet the tank under the condition of light control fast maneuver and camouflage requirements.

vehicle at night to go and hide the crux of the problem to be cracked, from Deng Xibo's timely transfer of research direction, the eye lock the training ground. Previously, stand innovation drive development of cutting-edge he had fallen into a dilemma: < p < p > side is "no red light rapid transit system innovation project, the attention by a number of research institutes; the other side is a new military air defense lights of the, development of time-consuming and laborious.

seems to be hot and cold, the researchers know the severity of. 2013 annual "Chinese science and technology innovation" Deng Xibo's choice is surprising, but also in the expected. He decided to stop the hot research project, riveted on the train line, combat training for key services at night night. Taking into account their limitations exist in the three years before the invention of air defense lamp, in the extremely cold weather, severe turbulence, and other environmental performance instability. Therefore, Deng Xibo to limit research, successfully developed a new type of air defense lamp, finally crack troops nightfall under emergency concealment and rapid maneuver without method takes account of the problem. < p > a few days ago, the brigade to carry out emergency drills, when he saw the new air defense lamp successfully helped force a hundred thousand cars quietly "stealth", he was pleased to close "panda eyes" and rest assured that played a nap. < p > June 2013 a night to maneuver, the journey thousands of people per car such as dragon roller coaster, the mighty to assembly area entered. On the way, despite the implementation of light control, but still be enemy reconnaissance aircraft caught a positive, was hit by fire, forward blocked......

problem on the lights on. Deng Xibo survey found that our army is now used in the implementation of the air defense lights are the old standard, already can not keep up with the requirements of modern warfare. < p > since then, was known to his comrades Deng Xibo military "Edison" hooked on the headlight design innovation, day in front of the vehicle lamp ponder, to the army organized the night training, he let the driver will drive slow, himself lying on the vehicle stared at every car car lamp, from a distance observation traveling in the convoy of lighting features, and remove the headlight, careful study of the working principle.

in support of his comrades in arms, in September 2013, Deng Xibo carefully developed a new type of air defense light was born. This new type of air defense lamp, similar to the lights "wearing" a top hat, can effectively avoid high-altitude reconnaissance, also lighting design as bundles in accordance with the requirements of the night hidden, was quick to apply for a national patent.

then, Deng Xibo makes persistent efforts, the development of the results has obtained 3 National patents. Fame is getting louder and louder, but Deng Xibo still has a mind to calculate, but found that his research direction seems to be more and more out of the battlefield ". < p > at cap shining emblem, heart of Deng Xibo made waves, thinking for a long time, he decided to re focus the study and forced himself into the training ground, "protection". < p < p > peer advised him to say, you are holding four national invention patent and 5 items of technical innovations in technology Montana, should be "dry" event, the economy get some reward.

in this regard, Deng Xibo firmly said that the fight is about the construction of things, is a top priority.

battlefield demand, is the direction of research." Deng Xibo whether it is beneficial to enhance combat effectiveness, as the first standard to carry out scientific and technological innovation. He was involved in research and development of passive solar thermal test house, enrich and improve the Tibet Military Area Command troops are stationed illumination rule, local temperature data, for the armed forces in plateau installed solar barracks provide the basis; he took their innovations to go abroad, to participate in the United Nations lighting and signal lamp and talks, let "international standard" listening to the "voice of China", boost the highland troops maneuvering speed; he also took the initiative to give up local research institute hired, adhere to the team to stay open another round of "innovation driven four year plan", aimed at Plateau battlefield...

of the "battlefield", in order to launch the "victories". Deng Xibo repeatedly with research results came to the training ground, innovation in emergency response, long-distance maneuvers, joint action of the inspection and improvement and innovation achievements, the introduction of "vehicle active safety device" new clutch drive gear and a number of service center, war flavor of fruits, direct service in battlefield construction and military struggle preparation needs. < p > < strong > commentary: Battlefield placed in innovation driven "bull's eye"

< p > - Qin super < p < p > practice to fight, fight to win. Tibet Military Area Command of a brigade of the assistant engineer Deng Xibo tightly grasp the lifting forces fighting the only standard to do research and innovative efforts and adhere to the reform and research to focus on core business, research projects and docking battlefield, embodies the play active seek to fight, Ya Shisuke win the jagged, worthy of praise.

innovation capability is the core competitiveness of an army, but also to generate and improve the fighting force of the accelerator. In the great journey of reform and the strengthening of the armed forces, driven by innovation have been given a new mission, placed in a crucial position. We are pleased to see that the majority of the officers and men of the flow, innovation came out one after another. However, we must also see clearly that some of the scientific and technological content from war "bull's eye", and some research results lack flavor war military flavor, and the construction of combat posted is not tight, little effect, a waste of manpower and material resources, these phenomena and problems not aware of, can not be corrected. < p > to the barracks, "off the record", in the barracks, it should be heart on the battlefield shall accomplish self-consciously "to fight a" -- and concentrate on looking at the operational requirements research, distractions close to the fighting capability study, truly "surname army for war", help win. Only in this way, can we make a batch of innovative results from the training field to better serve the fighting force.

("jiefangjun Bao" in 2016 04 20 August 04 Edition)