The US Open, "beard" Laurie Sean in power, all the big early class ""

The United States open Sean

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experienced more than half of the schedule, the players seem to have learned the Oakmont temperament, in "moving day" but many big players display skills to the full, the improper, have early class". These include Mike, Fowler, and Roy Laomi, Justin Ross et al. This is a grand slam for the first time in 3 years of wheat was eliminated after the game is refused to be interviewed, declined to make any comments, I suffered from Oakmont "font-size:...

currently occupy the top is ranked forty-first in the world of Irish golfer Sean Laurie, the beard has completed 14 holes, grabbed 5 birds, swallow 2 bogeys, temporarily with a total score of -5, the lead alone. The bearded aggressive much surprise, but said it was moving day, was born in 1987 to a blood Laurie leaderboard and why? Because this also can not affect the second of the dark horse players to style= line-height: " Andrew - ray, he currently has 5 holes to play, temporarily -3 to get a separate second.

and Garcia, Lee's Wood with a total score of third bit parallel -2

"baby Garcia from Spain seems to not appear in before the US Open the favorites list,
he has participated in 70 Grand Slam, never won a championship, 4 times second. But ginger or the old lady, " was forced to play 36 holes of Garcia or by virtue of their strong anomalous save skills onto a tie for third place. No Grand Slam title in Garcia or Oakmont can be completely changed?

Jensen Day a battle hymn of the third, Oakmont surrendered 66 bar, plus the second round 69 bar, 76 bar finally fill inferior first round, the first in the world is really wearing Igor hand selected strong adaptability. Last year, suffering from vertigo, this looks like the body very good Day also likely took the crown of Oakmont. While defending champion Jordan Spieth in the surrender of two double 72 bar, in the third hand over a 70, T29 at present, there is still a gap from the championship...


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