Security and tourists dragged the shark ashore self time caused their deaths

Death and sharks tourists

tengxunxinwen· 2016-06-19 14:37:08

comprehensive foreign media reports, is located in Dominica of the Republic of Punta Cana beach recently appeared together uncivilized behavior: a group in the play the tourists and local hotel security in shallow water to salvage a blue shark, which dragged ashore a photo. Eventually, the blue shark died due to lack of water. After the incident, the visitors and the security of the behavior of the users are strongly condemned. Someone's security at the hotel said it would not tolerate this behavior, and will be given the discretion of the parties.

blue shark called tiger shark, generally live in temperate and tropical ocean area, ferocious temperament, occasionally attacking humans, but also escape the ferocious animal. According to onlookers live video display, a man holding a fishing net and rope in the shallow water, captured a sluggish shark, which dragged down the beach. The shark struggle, the man with a rope tied to the shark body, and his head caught buoy. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" due to lack of water and external control, the shark is dying soon. However, it is not the end of the pain, these men captured the excitement of the sharks will be "trophy" in front of their own, for a group photo and self. There are two small crowd near the hotel security and invite friends to participate in. The picture is a photo of security and tourists, in order to protect the privacy of minors, the image of the minor part of the use of fuzzy.

based on the identification of some friends in the photo, dressed in a red T-shirt blue shorts men was named for a local Hard Rock Hotel security. Angry netizens have contact with the hotel, accusing his staff of cruelty. One netizen commented, "this is simply a crime, which is a disgrace to the tourism industry, but also to your hotel". The hotel side on the social networking site twitter reply, said the hotel will be a serious deal with this incident, this kind of event will not be tolerated, the staff will be given due punishment". The figure for tourists forced to drag and drop sharks ashore.

Hard Rock hotel said that security personnel serious violation of the hotel on animal protection guidelines, they will be difficult to meet the needs of the protection of tourists. The matter has also attracted the attention of animal protection organizations, animal rights protection organization, said recently there are more and more animals because of tourists' brutal photo 'behavior and unfortunately died. For some visitors, taking pictures is just a small thing in social media to show their daily lives and footprints, but some animals are forced to leave their natural growth areas. Organization for the protection of visitors are advised to avoid as much as possible "forced pictures", in order to ensure the safety of animal and their common. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" this shark death is not the case, "forced photo" lead to the death of animals has become a high incidence of potential.

in February this year, Argentina in the Gulf of La Plata, a group of tourists will be a stranded rare baby dolphin remove from the water, everyone eager to touch the dolphin and a photo. In the end, the little dolphin was killed by dehydration for too long. The picture is a rush of tourists to touch the dolphins.

in March this year in the southwestern Macedonia Ohrid lake, a female tourists from Bulgaria for the self and the swan from the lake onto the shore. Female tourists close to the unsuspecting swan, grabbed its wings and put ashore, and the Swan struggling to turn a blind eye. In the photo, left the female tourists themselves, but eventually died unconscious and the swan.

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