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South experienced heavy rainfall, high temperatures struck! Central meteorological station 14, 18, released the weather forecast: is expected from 19 days (today), the south of China, Southern China region will appear in a wide range of persistent hot and sunny weather. In most areas, the highest temperature will be between 39 to 35 degrees Celsius, local areas up to 41 ~ 40. High temperature weather in the above areas will last for more than 10 days. In many parts of southern China had experienced heavy rainfall, high humidity, high temperature and high humidity conditions more should pay attention to sunstroke.

, the South will usher in the longest hot weather

as the Deputy High northward, 18 to 19 days, the center will be the southern rainfall gradually from south to north to south north, JAC, Huang Huai area, the region will enter the stage of rainfall in the middle. In China, the Yangtze River and south areas will usher in hot weather, the highest temperature is over 30 DEG C, especially in northern and Eastern Southern China, also took the lead in the high temperature above 35 DEG C, such as Guangzhou, Fuzhou and other places to greet the weekend at high temperature.

"is mainly due to the subtropical high northward, controlled the southern South Southern China area, in particular, caused the high temperature process, the subtropical high will be relatively stable to maintain." Central Meteorological Station Chief Zhang Tao said.

next week, the heat will be further upgraded, the South will usher in the largest range since this year, but also the longest duration of high-temperature weather, some areas of high temperature days or more than 10 days. Moreover, due to the larger humidity, the body temperature will be headed straight for more than 40 degrees Celsius, or even more than 45. In 22, for example, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Guangzhou and other major cities of the highest temperature will reach 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature can reach 45 degrees celsius!

north is still hot next week is expected to ease the

south to usher in a hot day, the north is also very hot. This weekend, from the north central and Southern to northern Shandong, North Central Henan area, by the high temperature range covered, which Shijiazhuang was once a high temperature of 36.7, a record high this year; in addition to Zhengzhou, Tianjin and other places also appeared in high temperature above 35 DEG C. Expected to 19, the North China Plain Area of high temperature weather will be reduced, but most of the region, the highest temperature is still 30 degrees Celsius -35 degrees Celsius, still hot. But it is different from the south, is expected to start next week, cold air will come to the north, this area is expected to ease the hot weather. The

high temperature weather should pay attention to sunstroke

and the high temperature process affecting a wide range, long duration, local high temperature strength. People tend to be tired under high temperature and humidity conditions, to remind everyone to adjust the schedule, proper rest at noon, maintain a good attitude, pay attention to more water, try to avoid high noon time travel.

at the same time, weather experts also suggested that the relevant departments Fangshujiangwen, health and epidemic prevention and road traffic management work; timely water supply facilities inspection and maintenance, and prevent electric fire caused by overload.

and Chinese Jiangnan and Southern China rice at flowering stage, which is a key stage of production, continuous hot weather will be on early rice pollen development, lower seed setting rate. Agricultural experts recommend rice production areas take irrigation, foliar application of phosphorus fertilizers and irrigation day night row measures such as cooling and humidification, reduce the harm of high temperature on rice.

saws: high temperature above 40 DEG C to stop the outdoor work

of the State Administration of Production Safety Supervision recently issued a notice on the summer cooling work requirements, the daily maximum temperature reached 40 degrees centigrade, it shall stop the outdoor work.

according to the notice, the daily maximum temperature reached 37 degrees above and below 40 DEG C, the employer arrange workers all day long outdoor work time shall not exceed a total of 6 hours of continuous operation time shall not exceed the provisions of the state, and the highest temperature in the period shall arrange outdoor work within 3 hours.

daily maximum temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius, 37 degrees Celsius, the use of the unit should be taken to change the line break, etc., to shorten the continuous operation of workers, not to arrange outdoor workers to work overtime.

the majority of workers can control this standard to protect their own rights and interests. In addition, the notice also requires safety supervision departments at all levels should strengthen supervision and inspection of prone to heat stroke event areas and units, urging employers to seriously implement Fangshujiangwen measures; supervise the relevant industry supervision and inspection departments to strengthen the construction site, open field operations and high temperature work sunstroke prevention measures of the implementation of the.

in violation of the relevant provisions of state, harm the health of the workers, safety supervision departments at all levels should according to the law and order the employer to rectification, and to strengthen the follow-up inspection rectification, ensure that corrective measures are in place.

28 Province clear temperature allowance is standard

according to the 2012 revised "sunstroke prevention measures management measures" provisions, the employer arrange workers in the above 35 degrees high temperature weather in outdoor work and can not take effective measures to reduce workplace temperature to 33 DEG C, should grant high subsidies to workers.

according to incomplete statistics, there are 28 provinces in the country has defined the region's high temperature allowance payment standard. Among them, Shaanxi, Shandong and other places are in the last year raised the subsidy standards. Because the situation is not the same, the issue of the length of time is not the same, ranging from tens of dollars a month to one hundred or two hundred.

also, during hot weather, according to the regulations, the employer shall provide free of charge to the laborers engaged in outdoor and indoor temperature soft drinks to meet the food safety standards, but the soft drinks can not be used to offset the high temperature allowance.

earlier this month, the club Department issued by the employing units to carry out special inspection notice of labor and social security laws and regulations, during June 15th to July 29th in the national decision, organize special inspection, to ensure high subsidies, including welfare real landing.

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