Liu Shishi ear Zhang Yixing acne stars have these MOE

Liu Shishi acne ears body

juziyule· 2016-06-19 16:03:36

recently, micro-blog Lee Jun Ki spread this photo ↓

do not look carefully what is not, but a closer look, ha ha ha, two Junki Obama how was so close, like this expression - * &epsilon *.

think about it, it seems that a lot of stars in the shape of a bud, for example, Zhang a justice Huang Xuan, but there is a pair of round and flesh of the hand.

chubby like A dream, and Huang Xuan looks a little collocation. Class=

"content_img_p" but this kind of contrast also makes the big guy feel particularly cute ah, who said the handsome guy will have a pair of slender hand!

is careful enough Buddy you'll find that Liu Shishi usually often with his hair in his right ear, sometimes even tied up to put down a lock block.

that is because its right ear and secretly long a small ears ↓

Na, is a dongdong.

large power power is well known as a thing, no matter where she went back is a forward.

without contrast will not hurt...

power to power the girls do not want to do, just accord with the power of the power of the temperament go with head high and chest out!

Liu Yifei is like a fairy, but such a beautiful girl also has lost the "flaw", is to laugh when the teeth will be exposed to the flesh.


ha ha ha laugh, somehow some lovely fairy sister. This face

Fan Bingbing is really exquisite impeccable, but her death as we all know, is a!

bulging belly, fleshy arms, there are heroes back... Because of Fan Ye fat, so have repeatedly heard the news of pregnancy.

, but how the fat! Fat doesn't affect us as a queen!

art Hing this child which are good, handsome and cute, especially people like. But he is the kind of easy to Zhangdou physique, back acne ↓


also face a small acne ↓

left, Wuli sheep Xing still upright adolescence.

last sentence

the shortcomings of the eyes of outsiders, in the eyes of the fans are all MOE points, right?

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