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The whole world man the wife of Cramer legends of the fall

dushedianying· 2016-06-19 16:20:09

today (June 19th) is the father's day!

friendship tips, we remember to prepare gifts oh.

cousin is going to take dad tomorrow to see "the bottom of the story of the mobilization of 2". Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" think that year, see "the seabed" the first, or dad with me.

" at that time, I was a cousin of innocence Lolita.

oh... Class= img_box "

two days ago, specifically to review the 13 years ago, "the sea of the total mobilization".

was laughing watching the animation, and now look at — —

was that the clown fish and his son moved to tears!

because, to see the nimodipine, just like to see the once rebellious themselves.

about his father's movies, almost all can we poke the pain.

this is me. Class= img_box "

this is me.

, this is father · · ·

so this is me.

all movie routines, of course happy logical ending! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p", but in reality, the cousin would like to give a gift on father's day.

thank all of the world's father, these years of our tolerance, love.

this gift is in the movie fight father customers cut out.

| &mdash stamp; length: 03 minutes and 18 seconds |

read these fragments, cousin and cry wet a towel!

if you also have a resonance, please forward to tomorrow for the father of the festival.

told him that — —

"happy father's day. And · · ·

what you said, I always remember." Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" in the end, attached to all the films in the film.

each is cousin's good heart:

like father like son father judge

big fish

happyness to

I'm Sam

life Cramer couple Nemo

room seven



echoes of the rainbow legends of the fall in the name of the father of a new

ocean paradise

love daughter Aaron's story

Yangtze River No. 7


father and son

and fellow sufferers hilarious

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