The baby in the death of his father in heartbreaking sleeping gloves

Baby girl gloves father

tengxunxinwen· 2016-06-19 19:28:10

according to mymodernmet, the father's Day approaching, a baby's photos touched a lot of friends. In the picture, the newly born three weeks the baby was lying asleep in the Aobulei father's motorcycle gloves, with a sweet smile on her face, I do not know what the dream is. However, this warm picture is hidden behind a heart breaking story: a month before the baby was born, her father died. The baby's mother wants to miss the dead husband by taking this picture. (please indicate the source, for more details, please pay attention to the Tencent WeChat international news public, "sweet and sour".) (from: Tencent International News)

this photograph photographer Kim - Stone on social media Facebook tells the story behind the photo. "The father of the child love motor sports very much, his wife was pregnant, he always wore a brace to ensure their own safety, he did not want to let the baby born to see my father. But he eventually failed to pick up his child, "the photographer wrote. The father of the child Hector in April this year was a friend and that distance Aobulei was born only a month. The picture is Hector and his wife Catherine. (from: Tencent International News)

Stone and Aobulei grandmother are neighbors, she accepted the request, shooting photos of the baby will be a full moon. In the photo shoot, Catherine request motorcycle gear set, in memory of the dead husband. At the same time, she also hope in this way to tell growing baby Aobulei: her father has been to protect her. (from: Tencent International News)

Stone said in an interview, "I had taken a lot of photos, but this is the only time I was shooting before the prayer. A lot of people say that babies smile because the angels are talking to them. I guess this could be true". Photo of Catherine and baby. (from: Tencent International News)

in Aobulei heard one family story, a lot of friends for the single mother and baby donation, hope that they will be able to survive. For the kind of concern, Catherine said very grateful, she said, every one from the stranger's care and encouragement to help me to ease the burden of life, let me get the peace of mind". At the same time, Catherine also thanked the photographer Stone, she said the photos made her feel that her husband did not go far. (from: Tencent International News)

photos were posted on the Internet, received a total of over 7 million hits, with 1 million 300 thousand users praise its point. Up to now, the family received a total of 90 friends from nearly $3000 (about twenty thousand yuan) donation. (from: Tencent International News)

diagram for the baby Aobulei photos, you can see from the picture, the cute little friends full of longing for the future. (from: Tencent International News)

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