Grab seven duel who can survive with the hero hero.


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grab seven duel. />

from 1-3 to 3-3, from the Cleveland has struggled out of adversity. However, they face, is the history of creating a heavy yoke. Is to break the shackles or helpless down? Corresponding to the 3-1, from the 3-3, the warriors in front of a huge trouble. They face, is to defend the tradition, to hold the history of the task. They can't fall down, once they fall, it's meant to be trampled. />

O King standing in the center of the stage, looking back at the past, just like 13 years ago I saw.

2003, the son of Akron Cleveland. The young heart is loaded with the ambition and ambition to dominate the world, the The Legendary Swordsman. He is confident that he can do it, because he is the emperor, is to rule the world decreed by fate. After two years of sleep, he led the team into the playoffs. With self styled generals Arenas? KO; Detroit car would stop? Push down.

2006, Wade teamed up with Shaq to enter the finals, in one fell swoop pick crown; yet in 2007 alone, although the King finals, Sanantonio was humiliated by the marketing group, buy one get one, was the largest in the history of a lie. />

no longer need to repeat this trophy, no person to repeat a King. Experienced in the extreme abjection 4 after the war in fifth and sixth in the war, King showed extremely strong on the other side. So grab seven has not yet started, from the media to the public, have favorable James will fall into the hand of King FMVP. Just for a King, once the failure, then everything will have no meaning. FMVP what is the use, was labeled as a great loser, give some cheap, not worth a text of sympathy? Just shit. />

"I want, as long as the champion for personal honor, I have enough." Before the interview, a very sincere King every single word or phrase. />

Show Hand

curry did lose?

in Curitiba, once lost to grab seven, he will be doomed eternally. After all, from 3-1 to 3-4, the history of the finals never do this thing; and as the regular season MVP, once for two consecutive years in the finals most valuable player missed, easily will become a pretext to attack others. "Gee, this technique only pupil ear, the playoffs exposed, dare to emulate Jordan?" Especially this year and last year is not the same as last year, the library may also use "all of this is the hook group conspiracy" to explain; then this library, can find what reason?

even worse, once the 73 win warriors crashed out of the finals, especially in this way would mean defeat, they will become the largest in the history of the joke. At least two skin remnants such as red, et al., can more confidently sell "96 bulls invincible" point of view. Is the so-called you even the knight of the King to make up, still want to get the Lord of bull? />

, which is destined to be the fight at outrance fighting, which is destined to be full of tragic color of flame. In the NBA, the most beautiful game than to grab seven, because it contains everything possible to contain all the elements; and the most tragic game than rob seven, because the winner, the loser will have nothing. History is always the winner by history, every loser's name will be thrown into the dust of history, gale, disappear.

the finals, a King prove that he is still the best individual in this league, no one; and through the finals, the same warrior to prove his team fighting ability. In spite of the fifth and sixth war was a King dry some embarrassing, but now the total score is still 3-3, the warriors did not lose. In the first World War and the Oracle, rely on the powerful warriors team fighting ability, hit the knight out of all a hideous mess.

however grab seven of the dispute, is doomed to melee between the superstar is strong, destined to struggle between. This means that it cannot rely too much on the library of his teammates, and with a King. Ace on the trump card, the strongest PK the strongest, which is the most attractive NBA. Isn't it? Through the passing years, even if you can find such a wonderful work as the spurs. However, more teams, but all rely on the rule of law, without exception. As the "Three Kingdoms", the other party will only cut the array, can gain a complete victory. />

wind Xiao Xiao Xi, grab seven war. />

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