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ZAKER· 2016-06-19 22:03:31

ZAKER science and technology channel column, a week of God review, and we meet again, this week is probably the most intensive week of the week, a look at the ZAKER users have what wonderful God comments.

1.WWDC 2016: iOS, Mac OS, Apple released Watch OS and TV OS

in June 14th 1 in the morning, apple held WWDC2016 Apple Developers Conference, the conference, although there is no release of new hardware, but on its 4 (OS iOS, Mac OS, Watch OS and TV OS) have been updated, and more open Siri and iMessage (looks like WeChat in last month's Google I/O also released a similar thing.). Detailed content can view the subject of ZAKER review (special review: WWDC 2016), for WWDC2016, for iOS 10, ZAKER users who are how to see it?

first, a large number of China elements make people feel warm, can be used as Siri call drops micro channel, watch support Apple Chinese handwriting, and careful users found God ZAKER details:

@ Qianxi sister m: nobody noticed (the conference) this is the telephone fraud from China?

@Pingwest: though I have no statistics, but "China" or Chinese related services should be more than 10 times.

in addition, the ten major update iOS 10, also let people see a lot of Android shadow, such as camera users wake on the lock screen can slide to the right, the left slide can call out the weather. Class= img_box "

@ Li Yifeng fried: millet ten of the "5 big black technology" as a sense of vision.

@ifanr: Apple launched the Android 10.0

@ geek world:

one day, Rice noodles asked Cook: "you have our iPhone millet mobile phone down to earth, you can cook is not ashamed? "

saw Cook hands clasped, smiled, then, with iOS10… &hellip

; finally, Cook also took the conference of the one more thing, a child can learn programming games: Swift Playground, this is … … /p>

@ < Guangzhou first programming user 0322: for young people.

comments: iOS and Android have been developed to a very mature stage, learn from each other on the function is not surprising, but for developers, perhaps "open" is the most exciting thing for small is that when the flashlight is the biggest "bright spot" of iOS 10!

2. version of the macOS, a version of the iPhone can be synchronized with the MacOS.

iOS finished, we look at the new version of the macOS, in addition to changes in a change in the name of the largest outside, there is a new feature of , the new version of macOS, cut and paste version also can be synchronized with the MacOS iPhone.

@ know anonymous users: it is such a total, you at home on the computer by the CTRL+C, and then on the company's computer and then press CTRL+V is certainly not. Even if the same article does not work. No, more expensive computers are not. "Remember the joke? Now come true.

small comment: The Legend of live long see?

3. Microsoft will be $26 billion 200 million acquisition of LinkedIn

and a couple of hours before the WWDC, Microsoft for $26 billion 200 million in cash to buy LinkedIn, trying to grab a head, however, for the huge acquisition of Microsoft, it does not seem promising.

@ Shaanxi Baoji *8636 users: wait for three years after the news "Microsoft 2 billion 600 million linked in sold".

@ silkworm tree climbing: led the British to hang …

@ Guangdong Shenzhen *9019 users: do not say NOKIA, remember the Daming Lake MSN

@ monkey: $26 billion 200 million, equivalent to three acquisition of NOKIA (mobile phone Department).

4.699 yuan Meizu Charm Blue 3S officially released

's domestic manufacturers, yiyanbuge will release new products, this is the Meizu this year's fourth conference, this conference is the protagonist of Charm Blue 3S, as a Charm Blue 3 upgrade Charm Blue 3S hardware configuration and Charm Blue 3 consistent. The battery into larger 3020mAh, fingerprint recognition at the same time make up a Charm Blue 3 missing. Body material for metal. For Meizu this year, fourth mobile phones, ZAKER users how to see it?

@ Mike: I keep the Meizu in order to open the conference has

i@fanr neicon users use unscrupulous divisive tactics: next year can "Meizu" soundtrack to the hit.

@ Luoyang Henan user *1231: now Meizu from 599 to 2699 the whole of a sample. Take a pro6 to go out and others think you use the 799 charm blue.

@ droppings Jun: I have 32 Meizu conference this year, but I just want you to see.

@ intelligent help: Charm Blue 3S again, and the charm of blue 3 was still in panic buying

comments: Meizu so crisscross product line is to lead to trouble? 2499

5. yuan spot! One plus mobile phone 3 officially released

in addition to Meizu, last week another concern of the domestic manufacturers a plus also recently released its own flagship one plus mobile phone 3, Xiaolong 820, ram, 6GB AMOLED, 5V4A DASH flash charge 16 million, SONY IMAX 298 camera, it can be said that can all, appearance is also becoming more popular, but everyone seems to be other products more interested in his home.

like a joke: one plus 3 is good, but I prefer his family's bag.

comments: it is said that one plus the bag has become the standard technology circles, see that he is engaged in machine. A week of this week's comments

God is here to see you, we!


[a week of God review] is a new section of the ZAKER technology channel, designed to create a better review of the atmosphere, to attract more interesting to have a good quality reviews. Whether it is the brain hole wide open God Tucao, or on the industry comments, as long as there is enough material, objective, calm, the next selected is you!

at the same time, the column has any comments or suggestions, are welcome to tell small series in the comments section, help me to do better.

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