Hengda Real Estate 3 billion 586 million acquisition of more than half of the shares.

Acquisition shares Hengda real estate

fenghuangcaijing· 2016-06-19 22:11:42

Phoenix Finance China calxon evening announcement said, Hengda Real estate acquisition Jiakai 52.78% shares in the trading price of 3.79 yuan / share, the total transaction price of 3 billion 609 million yuan. After a comprehensive consideration, the purchaser to determine the tender offer price of 4.21 yuan / share, the total amount of the tender offer to acquire the maximum amount of 3 billion 586 million yuan. Tender offer is valid from June 21, 2016 to July 20, 2016.

analysts pointed out that before, if Hengda Real Estate eventually became the controlling shareholder through Jiakai City, state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of Commerce approved the antitrust review, but also solve the problem with the competition and Hengda Real estate. Event review:

4 14, the company released shares of state-owned shareholders to transfer part of the transferee company public solicitation announcement, the three major state-owned shareholders Zhejiang group, Zhejiang's Refco Group Ltd, Hangzhou iron and Steel Group Co., the company intends to price 3.79 yuan / share with the transfer of 952 million shares, accounting for 52.78% of the total share capital.

4 25 July morning, Jiakai city again announced, announced that some state-owned equity transfer for the transferee, Hengda Real estate has become the only transferee of the equity transfer of the.

4 28, the company disclosed the company's 952292202 shares of Hengda Real Estate Company (representing 52.78% of total share capital). The transfer of shares will cause the company to change the controlling shareholder of Hengda Real estate, the actual controller to change to Xu Jiayin, triggering a general offer Hengda Real estate purchase obligation, namely Hengda Real estate will be in addition to the remaining shares of the shareholders agreement for the transfer of shares to make an offer.

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