Li Jiacheng's wealth has shrunk dramatically: it has been beyond the MA / Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin wealth Ma Li Jiacheng

ITzhijia· 2016-06-19 22:11:47

Hongkong's richest man Li Jiacheng is not plain sailing.

the United States, "the Wall Street journal" website reported in June 17th, Li Jiacheng's company suffered a series of setbacks, June 16th, the Yangtze River and mind Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hutchison Holdings Ltd CK. Shares hit Li Jiacheng last year, the lowest level since the company's restructuring, the stock price fell to a 4 year low.

2016 in February, and director Huo Jianning (Canning Fok) as the company intends to spend $15 billion acquisition of British mobile operators O2 deal to defend; before the British Telecommunications Regulatory Office of Communications (Ofcom) responsible person said that the deal will be bad for consumers. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" two months later, the European Union out of the competition concerns and plans to reject the acquisition of the telecommunications. The European Union did halt the deal, and the long and in a statement said it was considering the possibility of an appeal.

Morgan (Stanley Morgan) in the report pointed out that in the European Union and the acquisition of the rejection of the transaction, the bank will grow and 2016 and 2017 earnings per share were expected to be reduced by 16% and 21%.

according to Factset's data, long and stocks closed Thursday at HK $87.85 (US $11.32), compared with May 2015 hit a high point of 125 Hong Kong dollar fell nearly 30%, the cumulative decline of 8% in the past week.

the European Union's decision to grow and the other plans in Europe is a bad news. Insight

CCS analyst man (Mann Kester) wrote that the future of the mobile network merger (including long and to be combined with the Italian company, the European Union is also investigating the transaction) will be seriously questioned.

long and a spokesman said the company declined to comment.

in addition to the European regulatory authorities worry, Li Jiacheng may also be worried about the market environment.

long and is Hongkong's Hang Seng Index stocks. Over the past week, the Hang Seng Index has fallen by a similar margin, and has fallen by about 30% since May 2015.

Li Jiacheng is still the richest man in Hongkong, with a net worth of $28 billion 600 million. However, as long and as well as Li Jiacheng's 69% stake in the plight of the Canadian Petroleum Corp Heskey energy (Energy Husky) both lower, this year's net asset value of Li Jiacheng fell to the lowest level in four years.

Li Jiacheng was Asia's richest man, but according to Peng Bo (Bloomberg) data, Li Jiacheng currently ranked third in Asia, ranked in the Alibaba group (Group Holding Ltd Alibaba). (BABA) chairman Ma Yun (Ma Jack) and Wanda Group Limited by Share Ltd (Wanda Group Co Dalian). Wang Jianlin, chairman of the board.

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