MEMS Knowles microphone to establish a new milestone: in the hearing health market shipments more than 10 million

Health milestone listening shipment microphone

MEMS· 2016-04-19 17:58:52

< p > according to wheat Williams consulting reports, Knowles establish MEMS microphone industry a new milestone and its application in MEMS microphone hearing health equipment shipments of more than 10 million mark, to further strengthen its position as a global leader in the field.

Knowles share hearing health technology the new trend

Knowles is world class supplier hearing health solutions, in this year the Phoenix held the audiology Symposium on Audiology nows! On. Knowles and customers, partners and industry analysts who explore the hearing health industry the new trend of, Knowles thinks this new trend will rebuild consumer expectations of hearing health technology.

"as the baby boomer generation at the age of growth, they are more hope hearing health solution scheme of Internet more and to design more aesthetic, better sound, and software features more advanced," Knowles acoustics and hearing health department President Gordon Walker said, "our deep understanding of consumer electronics with our industry partner relationship, enable us to has the ability to discern the trend of industrial development, and provide solutions to promote the interaction between consumers and technology." />

Knowles MEMS microphones in hearing health market shipments more than leading 10 million stars

hearing instrument equipment companies will continue to Knowles MEMS microphone applications to their flagship products, in order to achieve the minimum size of products at the same time, to ensure the quality, performance and reliability. Knowles is the only one focused on hearing aids MEMS product development and promotion, has a professional engineering and R & D resources of professional sensor suppliers.

ear canal hearing aid has been because of its small size, discrete appearance and the relative comfort and popular consumer favorite, "Walker said," Knowles MEMS technology enable many best-selling hearing aid leading design can be realized, our unique industry insight and solid customer partnerships enable us to be up this industry milestone. "

2010, hearing health industry began to MEMS microphone application for product design, as the industry's most advanced suppliers, Knowles MEMS microphone products due to growing consumer demand and sustainable development and more and more extensive application. Market leading Knowles microphone and receiver technology make it has an unparalleled ability to innovate, Knowles in hearing health industry dominate 70 years. More Knowles hearing health product information, please visit:

about Knowles

Knowles scheme is the leader in the market and global supplier of an advanced micro acoustic equipment, audio processing and special component solutions, products and service to the mobile communications, consumer electronics, medical, military, aerospace and industrial markets. Knowles uses its leading MEMS microphone and powerful audio processing technology for smart phones, tablet PCs, hearing devices and wearable devices to optimize the audio system to enhance the customer experience. Knowles is the industry leader in the acoustic component of the hearing aid, and also has an important market position in the high end oscillator and the capacitor industry. Knowles focus on customer service philosophy, combined with its unique technical advantages, patent protection of manufacturing technology, strict testing extremely globalization strategy, so that it can provide innovative solutions for the customers to optimize the experience. Knowles was established in 1946, is headquartered in the United States, Illinois Itasca, in 15 countries around the world has nearly 12000 employees. For more information, please visit: />

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