Forbes, the most influential of the 10 women who graduated?

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Zhichzhongguo· 2016-06-20 06:10:36

recently as graduation season, American universities have graduation speech, which are very good speakers in various fields on behalf of women. Nowadays, more and more women are standing in the most influential position, whether in politics or in business. This is not unrelated to their education, Forbes most influential 10 women, who are they graduate from the school? I think you are also very curious to see:

1. Angela Merkel Angela Dorothea · · Merkel

Chancellor of Germany position: Prime Minister of Germany's

University of Leipzig

U.S. University: University of Leipzig News ranking: 350 (tie), Best Global Universities

2. Hillary Clinton Hilary · Diane · Rodham · Clinton

U.S. presidential candidate and former position: Secretary of State the United States presidential candidate, former U.S. Secretary of state

Wellesley College University: Wellesley

U.S News rank: 4 (TIE), Nat Ional Liberal Arts Colleges

3. Janet Yellen Janet · Yellen

U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chair position: the Federal Reserve Chairman

Brown University

U.S. News University: Brown University rankings: 14, National Universities

4. Melinda Gates Melinda · Gates

Bill and Melinda position: Co-chair, Gates, Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates foundation president

Duke University

U.S. News University: Duke University rankings: 8, National Universities

5. Mary Barra Marie · class=; Bala

CEO General Motors position: GM CEO

University: Kettering University Caitlin

U.S. News university ranking: 23 (TIE), Regional Universities (Midwest)

6. Christine Lagarde ·

Managing director International Monetary position: Fund International Monetary Fund Manager

University Paris X

U.S. News: Law School Rankings: N/A

7. Sheryl Sandberg Shirley · Sandberg

Chief operating officer Facebook position: Face

Book coo

U.S. News: Harvard University Harvard University National Universities

8. Susan ranking: 2, Susan Wojcicki ·

position: CEO, YouTube

University: Harvard University

U.S. News National Universities

9. Meg ranking: 2, Whitman Meg · Whitman

CEO Hewlett-Packard CEO

position: Hewlett-Packard Co: Princeton University

U.S. News university ranking: 1, National Universities

10. Ana Patricia Botin ·

Chair, Santander Group, assistant chairman of the Banco Santander Bank of Santander

University: Bryn Mawr College

U.S. News Bryn Mawr College Ranking: 25 (TIE), National Liberal Arts Colleges


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